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Sunday, March 12, 2017

General Twitter Marketing Tips


Hashtags (#Keyword) are

the backbone of Twitter and are designed to make your posts searchable. Use a relevant hashtag with every tweet and pay attention to trending hashtags to use when appropriate.

Never use more than two hashtags in a single tweet.


Retweets are other people’s tweets that you share with your followers.

When you retweet a post, it is posted to your Twitter feed but it will show on your followers’ feeds with the original tweeter’s profile picture.

Because the posts you retweet will appear on your profile, make sure that you only retweet relevant and appropriate content that you would tweet as your own.


When you reply to tweets, they show up in a thread as comments when someone clicks the tweet. This is a great way to engage and to be discovered.

Direct Messages

Direct messaging is a way to interact privately with a Twitter user.

Use this feature when you want to engage with a user privately; for instance, to ask a specific question or respond to a customer complaint.

Do not use DMs to send automated messages—not even innocuous messages such as “Thank you for following,” as it can be construed as spam.

Effective social media marketing on Twitter takes a lot of work and commitment.

 However, when you get used to the routine of interaction and sharing, typically several times a day, it becomes a breeze.

It is important that you put in valuable time in discovering where your target audience is, what is trending, and what potential customers are sharing to get in on the conversation rather than using old-fashioned marketing techniques to try get attention.

Fees That You Should Expect

Indiegogo charges a 5% fee on all money raised on the platform.

For “all or nothing” campaigns, they will only charge you a fee if you hit or surpass your fundraising goal.

In addition to this fee, you should expect to pay a payment processing fee.

PayPal charges a 3-5% fee.

Funds raised through credit card are assessed a 3% fee + $0.30 per transaction.

If you’re located outside of the USA, you’ll also experience a $25 wire fee. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Platform Rules and Regulations

Indiegogo is much less strict than Kickstarter in terms of what you can raise money for, but there are still some restrictions.

First, you can’t raise funds for projects that forward illegal activities, cause harm to people or property, or for a project that scams others.

Second, you can’t offer certain perks, including: financial securities or incentives, profit sharing, alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia, weapons or accessories, lottery or gambling perks, air transportation, human remains, and any perks forwarding hate, discrimination, personal injury, death, damage, or destruction to property Overall, you are legally bound to fulfill any promises that you make on the platform to your backers, so don’t launch a campaign lightly!

Also, you can only raise funds if you are over the age of 18. If you’re between the ages of 13 and 17, you can use the service with consent and supervision of your parent or legal guardian.

Monday, March 6, 2017

What Not to Tweet/Retweet

1.    Unless it is relevant to your business or industry, avoid political tweets.

2. Avoid profanity and insulting tweets.

3.    Never angry-tweet, period! If you have an issue with a Twitter user, try to resolve it through email or via direct messages.

4. No spam!

Leverage Your Network Marketing By Using Tracking Platforms

You might want to automate monitoring after you have blasted your promotions all over the web.

There is a bunch of free and paid monitoring tools that lets you index and track keywords across the web.

However, it is up to the networker to make value out of these auto automated data.

These tools may not be able to immediately provide you with emails but the data points you to the sites it has grabbed the info.

Third party providers often offer tracking services, and they will only let you access the software through their website.

You pay for the use of their software via a monthly subscription. Meantime, I will have to start with free tools that I find helpful if you are up for manual tracking. Google Alerts-, free Free from Google.

Enter keywords that you want to get notifications for, choose the frequency you want to get alerts, and register your preferred email to be notified.

Google emails you search results for your keywords as they index new results.

Hashtag search engine-  searches hashtags across Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and displays them in a results page.

It functions as a Social Search Engine.

The site has hashtag boards and search filters for more relevant returns.

Create your account and get the hang of it. Synthesio- Paid Synthesio integrates human monitoring to bots result.

Their technicians refine the data to make sure the information is relevant and provides insightful analysis of a brand.

 Users still have a choice of availing just the raw data. Synthesio has a feature called Engagement Platform that allows the user to have a peek of the top social media influencers on an industry.

Radian6 or Salesforce Marketing Cloud-, paid

The company who built Radian6 is one of the oldest to offer web tracking service. With this tool,  you can monitor and take action on queries, comments and replies as they go live on the web.

You can also:

1.) Select the channels to monitor; either blogs, social networks or video, 2.) Narrow down search fields to languages, countries, and websites and; 3. ) Choose to view results in top inbound links, total unique commenters, average engagement, total comment count and vote count. and Digg provides the data for vote count.

Radian6 scans alalmost all social media sites as their data source. eCairn Conversation-, paid service eCairn Conversation traces sites talking about a subject on your niche.

The software compiles and analyzes the social media mentions of keywords you want to monitor which it calls as “influencers”.

Influencers are either classified into: High, Medium and Low level influencers.

Go to the eCairn website to discuss what you want and have a quote.

Simplify360-, paid service Try also the Simplify 360’s Social Media Marketing tool.

The console allows you to schedule updates across all your social network profiles in a single page.

This saves you a huge amount of time from manual posting to your accounts in LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter etc.

Another useful tool from Simplify 360 is Social Media Monitoring.

This software has the ability to function alongside with other enterprise tools like Google Analytics, a Google Webmaster Tool that shows demographic mapping of page visitors along with other relevant website stats.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Build a Subscribers List for email marketing

People often view email marketing as negative as most marketers do tend to abuse it.

But if done correctly, email-marketing can be the most powerful online marketing tool.

The truth is that you would be left out of the competitive networking industry if you don’t have a method to know your reader’s email.

It is common practice in web promotion to send introductory or promotional emails to users, although it may seem spammy at times.

The secret is to introduce links very sparingly.

I would advise having a single or two hyperlinks, not forgetting to place one on your signature.

This makes your email different from the others sent by unprofessional marketers.

Also include an opt-out option or subscription removal in accordance with rules on unsolicited emails.

I hate spams myself. I filter out my mails with more than two links to go straight to the spam folder.

So in case your email arrives to such filters, it will qualify to the person’s inbox.

In every form, always ask for their email. Ask for emails before they post their comments on your blog.

Most of the successful network marketers use a pop-up box that partially blocks the text from their reader.

If the information being blocked is so informative, the reader will likely type in their email.

How do you add forms to your pages then?

If you are using custom CSS like WordPress, forms are available as plugins.

Plugins are pretty simple to work with. Most web hosting companies also have forms that you can drop into your own website if your sites are hosted on them.

On instances that you are unable to work out a form for your website, contact a coder.

Email your subscribers snippets of your newest information, an upcoming activity or promo, and free eBooks you have written.

Simply coming up with a nice template in connection to your service will be much welcomed by your audience.

As you send these emails, post them to both of your off-page (example: classified ads sites, social network, third party blogs) and on-page (personal blog or website) managed pages.

Follow-up is the key in email marketing.

Install auto-responder that has a personal touch.

A line with “Hi Subscriber’s Name” is far more appealing than “Dear Reader”.

Thank the new subscriber, introduce who you are, explain what you do, and how you intend to use their email from your end.

There are also some automated services on email marketing that you can employ with a fee.

What to Tweet/Retweet

Just because you are microblogging, you shouldn’t think that content does not matter.

The content on your Twitter feed should be relevant to what you are on Twitter to achieve.

Every tweet should meet at least one of these criteria:

1.    Must provide useful information; e.g., an announcement, a tip, or a link to your blog posts.

2.    Links to your website, blog, or other social media pages such as Facebook.

About half your links should lead the reader to content you create or to your website.

The other half should take them to relevant and informative publications such as news pieces, articles, commentary, reviews, or other interesting information.

3.    Special offers such as price cut discounts and rewarding contests.

While you should not offer your Twitter followers promo overload, you should use the platform to spread word on any special offers and promotions on offer.

4.    When you announce any special events or send invitations on Facebook, be sure to tweet about them too to achieve maximum exposure.

5.    Fun tweets are acceptable as well.

Now and then, tweet a funny joke or meme to spread a laugh and hopefully make someone’s day.

However, the content of the joke must be appropriate and entertaining.

Post something that your followers might want to retweet.

6.    Inspirational tweets, like laugh tweets, are not mandatory but they can go a long way in promoting sharing on social media.

As always, just be sure that it is relevant and appropriate but not too generic.