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50 Sites or Directories to Submit Your Site

You have two options when your website goes live. You can wait until the search engine bot makes its way over to your site to crawl it, or you can ping it to speed up the process. Most people wait it out, but it’s not in your best interest. The sooner the search engines find your new site, the faster they can rank it, which means it won’t take long for you to see traffic. To start letting search engines know about your site, add the URL to these sites. Here are 50 Sites or Directories to Submit Your Site.
  1. Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Submit your Site to Bing
  3. DMOZ
  4. 01 Web Directory
  6. Best of the Web
  7. Canny Link Internet Guide
  8. Exactseek
  9. Free Website Directory
  10. Information Outpost
  11. InfoListings Directory
  12. InfoTiger
  13. LinkCentre
  14. ScrubTheWeb
  15. Bloggeries
  17. Blogcatalog
  19. Bloggernity
  20. Bloggapedia
  21. Blogging Fusion
  22. BlogFlux
  23. Blog Listing
  24. Blogdigger
  25. Blogorama
  26. Yeandi
  27. SplatSearch
  28. SunSteam

Press Release Distribution Sites

Press releases are a great way to promote your business. When you have a new site, you can announce its launch with a press release. While some press release distribution sites will charge you to publish on their site, the following ones are free.
  1. NPR
  2. Beta News
  3. Directions Magazine
  4. ThomasNet
  5. NanoTechnology News
  6. PRLog
  10. ClickPress
  12. Online PR Media
  14. CGIDir
  15. PRWindow
  16. Free Press Index

Submitting Your Site’s URL or Press Release

Submitting your site’s URL or press release to these sites is easy. Simply go to the site, find the registration section, enter the required information, and then add in your URL or upload your press release. It might take some time to have your submission reviewed, but for the directories, it shouldn’t take long. As you’re starting your submissions, you’ll notice it takes a few minutes. This list doesn’t include every single one either. There are even more of these you can use. That doesn’t mean you should spend hours submitting your site and press release to every single directory and distribution site. For the directories, do a few one day, and then when you have new content again, submit the URL to some other ones. That way you get your site’s URL on as many directories as possible without spending all day doing it.
For the press release distribution sites, upload a press release to each one over time. Since most of them allow you to include a link, you’ll get a backlink as well. Speaking of backlinks, if you’ve been reading about backlinks lately, you’ve probably learned that Google has cracked down on low quality links. This is because a couple years ago people discovered that if they were able to get their link placed on as many sites as possible, their site’s ranking would increase. It worked for a little while, but then Google caught on and started penalizing sites that had a lot of backlinks that had nothing to do with their niche. Now, some people stay away from trying to gather backlinks, while others continue to get them.
Why do you need to know this? Adding your site to these directories and including a link in a press release that’s added to a distribution site will garner a backlink. Whether these backlinks will hurt or harm your site’s ranking is a matter of opinion. It’s true that if you use the directories, search engines will find your site faster. Since people are always adding their site’s URL, these directories update frequently, which means the search engine bot crawls it often. All you can do is track the effectiveness of your submissions to these sites. If you see that your site gets ranked faster and higher using them, keep going. If you don’t see a difference or a decline, you know to try some other way to get search engines to notice your site. This is the way Internet marketing works. It’s a lot of trial and error, but when you find something that works, you’ll be glad you tried it.

The Inner - A Sci-Fi/Thriller short film

The Inner - A Sci-Fi/Thriller short film

A supernatural story of a man who wakes in the wrong body. Is he losing his grip on reality or is something more sinister at play?

About this project

THE INNER is a psychological thriller/sci-fi short film that explores the themes of existence, fate, identity and perception. Marcus wakes up in another person's body, and has to try and discern reality from fantasy while dealing with the fact that he may, or may not, be going mad. The story follows his first steps into the unknown and builds into an intense, psychological crescendo.
This ambitious production intends to provoke and beguile the audience by using unusual, experimental techniques in order to explore a high concept of filmmaking.
THE INNER exists between the boundaries of what is real and what is imagined. Come with us on an audiovisual descent into the subconscious mind. In this modern age, what happens when we are unable to tell the real from the unreal?
 project video thumbnail


Tom is best known for playing Peter Beale in EastEnders between 2006 and 2010 before going on to appear as the young Gary (Simon Pegg) in Edgar Wright's 'The World's End'. His other screen credits include Casualty, A Cinderella Story and Sadie J, whilst on stage Thomas starred as the title role in Peter Pan at the Lowry in 2010.
Ingvild is a Norwegian actress based in the UK since 2012. She has played the lead role in several feature films, short films, plays, music videos and commercial. She appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron alongside Robert Downey Jr. and, most recently, she played as Princess Leia in this year's acclaimed smash hit -  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
Mike is an English actor and singer from Bristol, known for playing the role of Sid Jenkins in the first two series of the British teen drama Skins, Three Moments in Heaven (2009), and We Are the Freaks (2013).


The photographic “look” of THE INNER will operate on two levels: the first, as a visual interpretation of our subject’s inner torment, suspended between reality and unreality; the second, as metaphor for the human identity itself. The use of graphic close-ups, Dutch angles, chiaroscuro, iconic forms, and placing actors in sparse, simple set designs to draw the audience into the character’s mind. It will change between some very natural, restrained moments to others that will feel like a surreal fever dream.
Sparkles and Wine - Opale
Sparkles and Wine - Opale
Visual elements, foreshadowing and hidden references to identity will convey the character’s developing internal conflict.
Marcus' subconscious mind
Marcus' subconscious mind


The film will exhibit a dark, oppressive general ambience that we will achieve through the use of non diegetic sound and unsettling music which will give a sense of mystery as well as fantasy to the film: we will create a recurring violin motif that reappears throughout the story, culminating with an intense crescendo to mirror the film’s actual events. The sound will also attempt to mimic the noises of panic in nature with straining strings and overblowing brass, particularly during the mirror scene where the effect will convey the character’s feelings of horror.
The film is divided in three distinct parts: the dream, the memory, and the real world


The entire dream will be shot in progressively intensifying infrared, to exaggerate a sense of hyperrealism. Steadicam or drone to induce a slight floating effect. Though the main sequence of events flows naturally, we unsettle the audience by making the background action slightly odd, unnatural, static, repetitive, or by deliberately breaking continuity.


The bar scene is the only time we see Marcus and Freddie together, as they were. Their respective personality traits will be starkly contrasted, in order to distinguish them as much as possible, while also revealing Marcus’ jealousy of the life Freddie takes for granted.
This part of the film takes place in Marcus' memory and because of this, we will use vivid, contrasting shades of red and blue, coupled with anamorphic lenses to convey the dichotomy in Marcus' mind and the possible inaccuracy that this entails. This visual style and the introduction of Morgana will accentuate the unreal, fever-dream that we are witnessing.


This scene is extremely challenging in terms of acting. The confrontation in the mirror is divided in 11 steps that allow us to make Marcus gradually reach a point of acceptance in a few minutes. He shifts from fear to joy when he eventually understands that he has been given a blank slate. Only then he goes to confront the wife. We realise her face is the same as Morgana’s... Marcus gives in to his new reality.


Gaïa is a multi-skilled filmmaker/writer who works mainly as a continuity supervisor on short and feature films, but also as camera operator on events and occasional editor and photographer. She directed a few short films back at university where she studied Film Production at UCA (University for the Creative Arts) and won the Lido award at the 2011 French film festival “Sur les Pas de Mon Oncle” for “Across the Border”. Since then she has been working on film shoots while co-writing a number of short and medium length screenplays that she intends to direct with Unseen Films.
Roman is a filmmaker/writer who met Gaia while also studying Film Production at UCA, where they worked on several projects together and began laying the foundations for a future partnership. Since leaving university, he spent 3 years working in corporate film as a Multimedia Editor before going freelance, allowing him to focus primarily on writing, including several short and mid length projects for Unseen Films. 
Chris’ route into Cinematography began working as Assistant Cameraman in 2002. Experience gained from working with such greats as Woody Allen (SCOOP, 2006), Paul Greengrass (BOURNE ULTIMATUM, 2007), Marc Forster (QUANTUM OF SOLACE, 2008), Matthew Vaughn (XMEN - FIRST CLASS, 2010), Ridley Scott (PROMETHEUS, 2012) and Christopher Nolan (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, 2012) led him to work on Commercials, Music Videos, TV and Features worldwide as Director of Photography. Chris was nominated in 2015 for Best cinematography for a music video at Camerimage and won the Gold in Cinematography at the 2016 Evcom Screen Awards for Canon “The Magic of Ink on Paper” directed by Mark Rodway.
Ivan is a visual effect artist/supervisor with several years of experience in the field. He started off as an editor in a small firm in Rome, Italy and then moved into the creation of visual images. He’s been freelancing in the industry for the past 8 years and worked on many hollywood films and series (GAME OF THRONES, KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, LEGEND), perfecting his skills. His main goal is to support the creative process of film making by designing invisible effects aimed to enhance the storytelling.
Fabien has worked for many years in the music industry after arriving in London in 1993. The artists he's worked with include Madonna, No Doubt, Etienne Daho, U2 and Katy Perry to name a few. Since 2013, Fabien has decided to go back to his first love: doing music for images. He completed his first score for a short called “Trash” Directed by Nicole Albarelli who then ask him to score her feature called “To Dream”. In 2015 he scored his 2nd feature 'NY84' for French director Cyril Morin. You can also hear his very touching score that he produced in 2014 for “Son Of Aram”, a documentary directed by Mika Rosenfeld. Fabien has a unique touch and enjoys working with a very large palette of sounds. A skilled multi-instrumentalist, Fabien’s sole aim is to create distinct, nuanced soundscapes.

Risks and challenges

Independent film-making is a challenging task – funds are limited and competitive. We have been lucky enough to have the support of many talented people who have donated their time and skills to this project. We want to repay them by making a great film.
Kickstarter is our best chance of making this happen. With the funding we receive and the talented crew we have on board we know we will be able to achieve what we have set out to do.

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Because Movies Make A Difference

Because Movies Make A Difference

Support Rooftop Films at this crucial time so we can do more, go further, and bring more communities together.

About this project

Only 24 hours left to help us reach our goal! Check out a special end of year message from our Artistic Director Dan Nuxoll and make a donation to Rooftop Films before time runs out:
As we enter into a new year and a period of great change in our city, country and world, Rooftop Films’ programs are more important than ever, and we’ve never been more passionate about, inspired by, and committed to our mission and work. 
Now more than ever we believe it is our job to help our community:
  • To RESIST the urge to curl up in apathy
  • To remind you to REMEMBER the things that matter to you
  • To EMBRACE your desire to see, feel, and experience new things, places, and ideas
  • To PROTECT the institutions and values that you think are vital to your city and your country
As a nonprofit organization your support is vital to our unique work--no other organization does what Rooftop Films does. Make a donation or become a member today, and support Rooftop Films as we continue to create unforgettable events. 
By bringing the best new independent films directly to diverse communities in every borough of New York City, Rooftop creates inspiring environments that truly change the way people feel about the spaces they inhabit and move through, and how they interact with and think of their community, their neighbors, the city, and the global issues that affect us all. 
And never have we needed your support more. We can’t do this alone.
We need YOU—our audience members, supporters, friends and neighbors—to help us continue to bring films and experiences rooted in compassion, learning, togetherness, and exploration to tens of thousands of people.
We simply cannot do all of this without you. Together, we can make sure that our programs continue to thrive, expand and grow. 
Help us continue to be an indispensable source for community building, filmmaker funding, and economic development in New York City.
Help us improve the quality of life throughout the city by creatively activating outdoor public spaces as safe places for all residents to gather, share ideas, and co-create a sense of community.
Help us inspire and empower individuals and neighborhoods by bringing public art directly to communities.
Help us teach, lead and give individuals and communities the tools needed to create their own programs and events, helping them to stimulate their local economies and increase innovation, cultural diversity, and civic engagement.
And, of course, Rooftop Films believes in achieving all of these things while still having as much fun as humanly possible. We bring the most talented emerging filmmakers on earth to New York City to create some of the most innovative, exciting and inspiring film events anywhere in the world.

Your support is vital and will help Rooftop Films… 

Sustain our Rooftop Films Summer Series, which brings independent film and live performances to spectacular venues in all five boroughs; with more than a third of the screenings taking place in the highest-need communities including Staten Island, The Bronx, Coney Island, Downtown Brooklyn, Red Hook, and Sunset Park
Free Screenings Across NYC in 2016
Free Screenings Across NYC in 2016
Support independent filmmakers' new projects through our Rooftop Filmmakers Fund grant program. In 2016, Rooftop Films will give away over $30,000 in cash grants, as well as equipment and service grants valued at more than $200,000. 
Rooftop Filmmakers Fund Grantees 'Casting JonBenet', 'The Fits', and 'Beasts of the Southern Wild'
Rooftop Filmmakers Fund Grantees 'Casting JonBenet', 'The Fits', and 'Beasts of the Southern Wild'
Empower others to create their own events through the Rooftop Community Fund, through which we make all our film/video exhibition equipment, as well as our event production expertise, available to the public through low-cost or free rentals. In 2016 we donated and discounted $175,000 worth of equipment and services to artists, non-profits and community groups.
Community Events in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Louisiana, and Pittsburgh
Community Events in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Louisiana, and Pittsburgh
Launch a new Free Public Film Series and Job Training Program in 2017. In this program we will produce free community events aimed at the most vulnerable, culturally underserved, low-income neighborhoods of our city. The program will include a 4-month apprenticeship with highly experienced program and technical staff that will empower youth from each neighborhood with the technical and outreach skills to produce their own own sustainable community events. Your support will lay the groundwork for us to pilot the project in Brooklyn in 2017 with the intention of later implementing it throughout Brooklyn and in all 5 boroughs of NYC.
Demand is increasing for Rooftop Films community events. Though our audiences have never been bigger, we have seen that each year there is less and less funding available to support such events, especially in the communities that would benefit most. 
Rooftop Films is your community organization. We are so grateful for the support and love of our community and the work that we can only accomplish together. 


As a thank you for your generous support we have some amazing rewards for you, including…
Plus, two tickets to the 2017 Summer Series just for signing up!
Plus, two tickets to the 2017 Summer Series just for signing up!

Blu-rays, DVDs, VHS, Posters, & More!
Blu-rays, DVDs, VHS, Posters, & More!

Plus an invite to our backer party!
Plus an invite to our backer party!

Risks and challenges

As a non-profit organization we will always face the challenge of relying on the support from our backers to sustain Rooftop Films. This Kickstarter project is not a means to an end; it is a stepping stone for us to grow and expand. And with that growth comes greater responsibility, challenges, and needs. We are a hard-working team of six year round employees and we work tirelessly to provide a unique experience for all who come to our shows. There is still work to be done and we are glad that you are on this journey with us.