Sunday, March 12, 2017

General Twitter Marketing Tips


Hashtags (#Keyword) are

the backbone of Twitter and are designed to make your posts searchable. Use a relevant hashtag with every tweet and pay attention to trending hashtags to use when appropriate.

Never use more than two hashtags in a single tweet.


Retweets are other people’s tweets that you share with your followers.

When you retweet a post, it is posted to your Twitter feed but it will show on your followers’ feeds with the original tweeter’s profile picture.

Because the posts you retweet will appear on your profile, make sure that you only retweet relevant and appropriate content that you would tweet as your own.


When you reply to tweets, they show up in a thread as comments when someone clicks the tweet. This is a great way to engage and to be discovered.

Direct Messages

Direct messaging is a way to interact privately with a Twitter user.

Use this feature when you want to engage with a user privately; for instance, to ask a specific question or respond to a customer complaint.

Do not use DMs to send automated messages—not even innocuous messages such as “Thank you for following,” as it can be construed as spam.

Effective social media marketing on Twitter takes a lot of work and commitment.

 However, when you get used to the routine of interaction and sharing, typically several times a day, it becomes a breeze.

It is important that you put in valuable time in discovering where your target audience is, what is trending, and what potential customers are sharing to get in on the conversation rather than using old-fashioned marketing techniques to try get attention.

Fees That You Should Expect

Indiegogo charges a 5% fee on all money raised on the platform.

For “all or nothing” campaigns, they will only charge you a fee if you hit or surpass your fundraising goal.

In addition to this fee, you should expect to pay a payment processing fee.

PayPal charges a 3-5% fee.

Funds raised through credit card are assessed a 3% fee + $0.30 per transaction.

If you’re located outside of the USA, you’ll also experience a $25 wire fee. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Platform Rules and Regulations

Indiegogo is much less strict than Kickstarter in terms of what you can raise money for, but there are still some restrictions.

First, you can’t raise funds for projects that forward illegal activities, cause harm to people or property, or for a project that scams others.

Second, you can’t offer certain perks, including: financial securities or incentives, profit sharing, alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia, weapons or accessories, lottery or gambling perks, air transportation, human remains, and any perks forwarding hate, discrimination, personal injury, death, damage, or destruction to property Overall, you are legally bound to fulfill any promises that you make on the platform to your backers, so don’t launch a campaign lightly!

Also, you can only raise funds if you are over the age of 18. If you’re between the ages of 13 and 17, you can use the service with consent and supervision of your parent or legal guardian.

Monday, March 6, 2017

What Not to Tweet/Retweet

1.    Unless it is relevant to your business or industry, avoid political tweets.

2. Avoid profanity and insulting tweets.

3.    Never angry-tweet, period! If you have an issue with a Twitter user, try to resolve it through email or via direct messages.

4. No spam!

Leverage Your Network Marketing By Using Tracking Platforms

You might want to automate monitoring after you have blasted your promotions all over the web.

There is a bunch of free and paid monitoring tools that lets you index and track keywords across the web.

However, it is up to the networker to make value out of these auto automated data.

These tools may not be able to immediately provide you with emails but the data points you to the sites it has grabbed the info.

Third party providers often offer tracking services, and they will only let you access the software through their website.

You pay for the use of their software via a monthly subscription. Meantime, I will have to start with free tools that I find helpful if you are up for manual tracking. Google Alerts-, free Free from Google.

Enter keywords that you want to get notifications for, choose the frequency you want to get alerts, and register your preferred email to be notified.

Google emails you search results for your keywords as they index new results.

Hashtag search engine-  searches hashtags across Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and displays them in a results page.

It functions as a Social Search Engine.

The site has hashtag boards and search filters for more relevant returns.

Create your account and get the hang of it. Synthesio- Paid Synthesio integrates human monitoring to bots result.

Their technicians refine the data to make sure the information is relevant and provides insightful analysis of a brand.

 Users still have a choice of availing just the raw data. Synthesio has a feature called Engagement Platform that allows the user to have a peek of the top social media influencers on an industry.

Radian6 or Salesforce Marketing Cloud-, paid

The company who built Radian6 is one of the oldest to offer web tracking service. With this tool,  you can monitor and take action on queries, comments and replies as they go live on the web.

You can also:

1.) Select the channels to monitor; either blogs, social networks or video, 2.) Narrow down search fields to languages, countries, and websites and; 3. ) Choose to view results in top inbound links, total unique commenters, average engagement, total comment count and vote count. and Digg provides the data for vote count.

Radian6 scans alalmost all social media sites as their data source. eCairn Conversation-, paid service eCairn Conversation traces sites talking about a subject on your niche.

The software compiles and analyzes the social media mentions of keywords you want to monitor which it calls as “influencers”.

Influencers are either classified into: High, Medium and Low level influencers.

Go to the eCairn website to discuss what you want and have a quote.

Simplify360-, paid service Try also the Simplify 360’s Social Media Marketing tool.

The console allows you to schedule updates across all your social network profiles in a single page.

This saves you a huge amount of time from manual posting to your accounts in LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter etc.

Another useful tool from Simplify 360 is Social Media Monitoring.

This software has the ability to function alongside with other enterprise tools like Google Analytics, a Google Webmaster Tool that shows demographic mapping of page visitors along with other relevant website stats.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Build a Subscribers List for email marketing

People often view email marketing as negative as most marketers do tend to abuse it.

But if done correctly, email-marketing can be the most powerful online marketing tool.

The truth is that you would be left out of the competitive networking industry if you don’t have a method to know your reader’s email.

It is common practice in web promotion to send introductory or promotional emails to users, although it may seem spammy at times.

The secret is to introduce links very sparingly.

I would advise having a single or two hyperlinks, not forgetting to place one on your signature.

This makes your email different from the others sent by unprofessional marketers.

Also include an opt-out option or subscription removal in accordance with rules on unsolicited emails.

I hate spams myself. I filter out my mails with more than two links to go straight to the spam folder.

So in case your email arrives to such filters, it will qualify to the person’s inbox.

In every form, always ask for their email. Ask for emails before they post their comments on your blog.

Most of the successful network marketers use a pop-up box that partially blocks the text from their reader.

If the information being blocked is so informative, the reader will likely type in their email.

How do you add forms to your pages then?

If you are using custom CSS like WordPress, forms are available as plugins.

Plugins are pretty simple to work with. Most web hosting companies also have forms that you can drop into your own website if your sites are hosted on them.

On instances that you are unable to work out a form for your website, contact a coder.

Email your subscribers snippets of your newest information, an upcoming activity or promo, and free eBooks you have written.

Simply coming up with a nice template in connection to your service will be much welcomed by your audience.

As you send these emails, post them to both of your off-page (example: classified ads sites, social network, third party blogs) and on-page (personal blog or website) managed pages.

Follow-up is the key in email marketing.

Install auto-responder that has a personal touch.

A line with “Hi Subscriber’s Name” is far more appealing than “Dear Reader”.

Thank the new subscriber, introduce who you are, explain what you do, and how you intend to use their email from your end.

There are also some automated services on email marketing that you can employ with a fee.

What to Tweet/Retweet

Just because you are microblogging, you shouldn’t think that content does not matter.

The content on your Twitter feed should be relevant to what you are on Twitter to achieve.

Every tweet should meet at least one of these criteria:

1.    Must provide useful information; e.g., an announcement, a tip, or a link to your blog posts.

2.    Links to your website, blog, or other social media pages such as Facebook.

About half your links should lead the reader to content you create or to your website.

The other half should take them to relevant and informative publications such as news pieces, articles, commentary, reviews, or other interesting information.

3.    Special offers such as price cut discounts and rewarding contests.

While you should not offer your Twitter followers promo overload, you should use the platform to spread word on any special offers and promotions on offer.

4.    When you announce any special events or send invitations on Facebook, be sure to tweet about them too to achieve maximum exposure.

5.    Fun tweets are acceptable as well.

Now and then, tweet a funny joke or meme to spread a laugh and hopefully make someone’s day.

However, the content of the joke must be appropriate and entertaining.

Post something that your followers might want to retweet.

6.    Inspirational tweets, like laugh tweets, are not mandatory but they can go a long way in promoting sharing on social media.

As always, just be sure that it is relevant and appropriate but not too generic.

Share Your Expertise

People go to experts for their needs.

And if you are an authority on your niche, your ideas should b found all over the web and presented professionally.

The information you convey to your audience should be very helpful.

Remarkably, when you extend your expertise for free, more people come to your door willing to pay for your service.

Below are some ways you can extend further to the web.


A blog is short for weblog, a site that allows page visitors to make comments at the end of the posts.

This information exchange feature is basically its difference from static websites.

Two of the most popular blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress.

Both are widely used because of and connect it to your blogger account to get rid of the “.BlogSpot” extension.

Hosting stays free and you continue enjoying your free blogger template.  A word of warning, “Google reserves the right to remove your blog without notification if you violate its policies”.

WordPress is also a blogging platform that offers both free and paid themes for your blog.

You need to buy your domain name and pay for a hosting service like to go live.

The advantage however is that you will have full control of your blog while you enjoy thousands of themes and plugins. You also can modify the theme if you are a coder.

You would not be too wary of Google shutting your blog for not complying with a rule.

In fact, many businesses are migrating and using WordPress because of these advantages.

There are other content management systems, both free and paid, but none works smarter than these two.

Write highly informative articles on your niche for article aggregators and hubs.

A high quality article provides substantial information to readers.

Something that makes you think it should be on your own website or blog.

However, submit only to trustworthy sites or you are creating a bad neighbourhood for your website instead of gaining links.

E-zine as well as HubPages were once regarded as trustworthy sites, but went to a slump after Google ruled out that the publications on their sites were done by webmasters mostly for gaining links.

This happened after the release of Google Panda.

So would you care to submit to them?

Yes, if you think they have fully complied with Google.

Forums may have threads dedicated for online network marketing like

Such is a great place to find likeminded people who may be interested to become your representative. Visit their site, make friends, and introduce your product. 

Build a Network of Followers

Your first followers on Twitter will be people and businesses that you have interacted with via email.

Twitter will prompt you to import your contacts automatically and find them on Twitter.

You can easily find this tool on the “#Discover” link on top of the Twitter page and under it, “Find Friends.” You can easily look up contacts from popular email services, including AOL, Yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail.

Select the contacts you want to follow, or simply click on “Follow All.” When you follow a contact on Twitter, they will be notified that you have followed them, and some will follow back.

You can build your Twitter fan base by first following profiles of interest.

Be mindful when following Twitter users because mass following of people within a short time may cause your account to get flagged as a spammer, and it might get suspended.

As a general rule, you must be observant of whom you follow on Twitter.

As a business account, you should follow these rules:

1.    Other businesses dealing in your industry or niche.

2.    Businesses that operate in your neighborhood or city, or within your area of influence.

3. Local small business organizations and media.

4.    Bloggers who regularly publish posts about your industry or products.

5. Industry publications and organizations.

Do not follow random potential customers, especially if you do so with the hope of getting follow-backs.

Instead, it is a good idea to follow people and organizations that you can build relationships with.

For instance, if you are a professional photographer, you can follow a local musician or wedding planning company because the relationship might benefit you.

If you have a great Twitter profile, the people you follow will eventually come to you.

Establishing such a relationship is not easy, but when you contribute to sharing content through retweeting and offering useful information, links, special content, and a laugh every now and then, they will find you, retweet you, message you, and even mention you in tweets. 

Types of Campaigns Allowed

Indiegogo offers two funding options for your crowdfunding campaign, fixed and flexible.

A fixed funding campaign is also known as an “all or nothing” crowdfunding campaign.

When raising money for an all or nothing crowdfunding campaign, you will only receive the pledges that you have accumulated throughout the duration of the campaign if you meet your fundraising goal.

This means you absolutely must hit your goal before the clock winds down.

For example, if you have a fundraising goal of $10,000 and have only raised $9,000 by the end of your 30-day campaign, you will not receive any funds and your backers will not have their credit cards charged.

When raising money for a flexible funding campaign, you will receive the pledges that you have accumulated throughout the duration of the campaign, even if you do not meet your fundraising goal.

For example, if you raise $4,000 in 30 days with a $5,000 goal, you would still be allowed to keep the $4,000 and your backers’ credit cards would be charged.

They place projects into the following categories: Animals, Art, Comic, Community, Dance, Design, Education, Environment, Fashion, Film, Food, Gaming, Health, Music, Photography, Politics, Religion, Small Business, Sports, Technology, Theatre, Transmedia, Video/Web, and Writing.

Do you have any tips for investors on the best types of properties or what to look for when deciding if a deal is right for them?

“Investors should be equipped with the proper set of tools to evaluate risk when contemplating a commercial real estate investment.

The detail page of offerings on the CrowdStreet Marketplace contain the following types of information, all of which are intended to allow investors to examine all aspects of an investment opportunity and make informed decisions:

1. Quality of Sponsorship - CrowdStreet believes that good commercial real estate investments stem from high quality real estate operators.

Therefore, a recommended starting point when evaluating an investment opportunity is to analyze the investment manager.

The company’s website is a good place to begin and things to look for include:

1) depth and breadth of leadership team experience

2) track record and

3) investment product alignment with experience and expertise.

2. Structure - In general, the higher the position of the investment in the capital stack, the more risk the investor assumes. This is why a lender may offer senior debt at 70% of loan-to-value on a property at a 5% interest rate while the equity investors that comprise the remaining 30% of the capital expect annualized returns of 15% or greater.

Therefore, a good place for an investor to start when thinking through an investment is to decide if he/she is willing to accept “first dollar loss risk” in a property in exchange for the potential of solid double digit annualized returns or instead, seek an investment at a lower position in a capital stack (such as preferred equity or mezzanine debt) and accept single-digit to low double digit annualized returns.

3. Location - Instead of the simple adages often applied to the importance of real estate location, we feel that an investor can benefit by thinking through location by asking him/herself the following question, “will the physical asset remain relevant at this location and in its current format for the duration of the intended holding period?”.

For example, redevelopment opportunities are intended to cure an irrelevant format while arguing that the location is still relevant and will remain so indefinitely.

From a macroeconomic perspective, consider factors such as job growth, population growth, population migration and infrastructure development trends.

Knowing where people live and work in the asset’s metro area and where people will increasingly (or decreasingly) live and work in the future are important considerations when making a real estate investment decision.” 

Spread the Word

Post on Classified Ads Listings Craigslist, Amazon, Alibaba, EBay are among the top classified ads that you can promote on.

These sites are visited by millions of customers daily in their search for the best deal out there.

Some classified ads listings have a specific category just for network marketing which you can explore for interinterested members.

Post your business offers so others may join your downline and also post your product or service to get more customers.

It’s important not to forget about promoting for more customers also in your online marketing efforts.

Always remember that these customers can also become your representatives in the future when they find out how great your company’s product or service is.

You always want to get as many leads as possible for both the business and product or service.

To save on time, post the same ads on every classifieds you find. provides a huge list of these ad services.

A sort of sneaky way to generate a lot of leads on Craigslist is to put job postings for your opportunity.

You can post job postings for sales positions, management positions, and business opportunities.

In order to stay within the guidelines you will need to make sure in your ad that it mentions your posting is paid based on performance.

That way you’re not sending any false pretenses and at the same time getting quality prospects to contact.

In your ads, make sure to point them to a single setting where you can attend to their queries.

This would of course be your new, professional looking WordPress website that you created.

Links in classified ads are nofollow so you should not be worried about spamming.

Then again, your audience needs information rendered to them professionally.

Classifieds are another great source of traffic to your network marketing website but does not have much weight for SEO.

Take Advantage of Universal Search Results In order to widen your audience, you should be found in every possible internet medium that is out there.

Google’s latest search innovation displays results not only on web text content but in images, videos, maps and business listings.

Have your site listed on Yahoo! Local, Bing Local Listing Center, Google Places for Business, etc.

Promote your videos through YouTube and Vimeo, audios on iTunes, images on Picasa and Flickr, and your presentations at

There are internet users who are not used to textbook learning and they prefer looking for information on videos.

Always be creative in meeting the individual preferences of your target visitors so you can reach as many people as possible.

Video Marketing

Video is very effective because few people are willing to put their face out there to promote themselves.

If you’re willing to get in the public eye more than your competitors you’ll build a larger organization faster.

People like to know who they’re dealing with and video is able to connect you with the prospect.

YouTube is a great way to promote your business as it also will help you with your SEO.

When making these videos it’s important not to make any blatant sales pitches to get people into your business. These videos are meant to educate people so they’ll click on your link and give their email address.

Publish Press Releases and News Relevant to Your Niche You should publish relevant events in your industry to PR sites so you can increase your visibility.

Referral traffic from news releases may be temporary but it adds SEO value to your website. In your area, there can be something of interest to your service that is worthy of a press release.

By writing the press release yourself and publishing it you’ll gain instant credibility as a leader in the field. Also make sure you post a link to your website on your bio in the press release.

Facebook interest list

This is another excellent way of tracking your competition without them knowing.

You can add a page to your interest list even if you haven’t liked its page.

So, how do you set this up?

Locate the interest option on the left side bar of your page’s home page then click add interest.

You can then move on to create a list then proceed to search for the page(s) that you want to track/monitor then click next.

You will then be given an option to provide a name for your list.

I should point out that you should set your privacy setting to ‘only me’ just to ensure that no one else can access it.

If you don’t mind having the list public, just provide a very descriptive name for your list.

You can then click done.

Once you are done, you can always visit the interest section to check the most popular and most recent posts.

Through that, you can be more confident on the kind of posts that spur conversation and action. Actually, you can even track your competitor’s actions without visiting their page!


Technology is changing our lives in so many different ways that only a generation ago were figments of the imagination.

Of course, the single biggest change is the Internet, which has pretty much leveled the playing field – in terms of marketing - and has also made business more competitive than ever.

As you learned in the previous  posts, social media marketing is an indirect way of selling – compared to traditional marketing – and primarily engages prospects and customers using high quality and unique content, which makes them feel increasingly more connected to products and services.

Particularly with Facebook, social media marketing can help you reach more of your intended market at significantly less cost than traditional marketing.

Talk about the most bang for your marketing bucks!

To be done successfully, we learned that social media marketing has to target your customers as individuals and make them feel valued and engaged.

It involves more creative and entertaining ideas than traditional marketing in order to ensure potential clients will enjoy it and desire more of what your business has to offer.

It also involves a more personal touch and therefore greater degrees of friendliness and sociability.

It is the goal of every business utilizing social media that presenting itself in such ways will encourage customers to trust it and to eventually become loyal.

You can’t afford to brush aside social media marketing because this is the way of the future.

In fact, the future is already here!

Not to discount traditraditional marketing as totally useless or irrelevant but social media marketing can significantly help you market your products even better, especially if used to complement traditional marketing activities.

Failure to do so at this point in time can increase your business’ risk for decreased or stagnant sales or worse, failure. Even if you think it's a temporary, spur of the moment sort of fad, it is still well worth utilizing.

The benefits and rewards have endless potential, and the time and money you have to invest is low.

Times have changed, and this is a part of the reality we live in now.

Part of running and marketing a successful business is adaptability, and social media networking and advertising is definitely a part of the world we live in.

Any business aiming to be successful should strive to adapt to this new marketing trend. 

Brand Your Twitter page

When you create a Twitter page for your business, it is important that the account handle be easily recognized even without its name being visible.

Follow these simple steps to set up your business Twitter profile:

1.    Upload your business logo as the profile avatar.

If you offer a profession service, e.g., medical consultancy, consider using a professional photo of yourself, especially if you will use Twitter to provide professional advice.

2.    Upload a relevant header image.

The larger banner image on your profile page should have the same theme as your website’s header image.

3.    Come up with a good 160-word bio text that will appear on the preview image alongside the Twitter handle, header image, profile image and external link to your website.

If the business has a good slogan or motto, this is the best place to apply it.

Once you fill out all the relevant information on your Twitter profile, the page should be sleek and clean and should showcase your business or products nicely at a glance.

The objective here is to attract the attention of potential followers and make it easy for them to identify the page without necessarily viewing the whole profile.

While creating a professional and attractive profile is the first step in mastering marketing on Twitter, it is by no means the primary way to draw followers. 

Build Your Social Media Network

The SEs are going towards the trend of adapting the social media framework as more and more people are using social media.

Google at present even discounts meta-keywords, and instead gives more weight to how many sites mention another website; an indication that they are going to a direction of becoming more relative to social-media.

The more the interactions you get involved over the web, the better the image you will have in the eyes of Google.

Google often disregards links from social networking sites (nofollow) and does not count for SEO.

However, it is going to be one of the best sources of referral traffic to your sign-up page.


Facebook has more than a billion registered users and could even surpass Google in daily page views.

Think of it like this: If you can corner 1% of this 1 billion into your network marketing organization, that is 10 million emails.

Aside from the usual personal profile building offered by Facebook, you are also able to create a page or a Group representing your business.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see that Facebook is your site’s top referrer of visitors.

Indeed, it is one of the most effective mediums for marketing your business opportunity.


Twitter uses small sets of text called tweets (max of 140 characters) to share ideas to followers.

It is a good place to share marketing links and promos to spread the word and can even go viral.


LinkedIn is like a Facebook for professionals.

It’s where professionals go to network with other like-minded professionals.

Let’s say your network marketing company offers a nutritional product.

You can link with other people in the nutrition industry and build on relationships with these people.


Instagram is definitely more of a younger crowd but you can generate a lot of leads with Instagram as it’s getting bigger and bigger.

It’s largely all about photo content on the site but photo testimonials can be huge for your business.

If your company has a weight loss product you can post a lot of before and after pictures on Instagram.

You can also take pictures of living the great lifestyle and take pictures when you go on trips.


Although YouTube is video-focused, its features like suggesting users to share videos by embedding them to other websites makes the site also a form of social media.

Viral videos reaching millions of views carry the same traffic and value as a written piece visited by millions.

As with other so social media, your YouTube user picture should be a clear picture of you or your company logo.


Digg is a social news aggregator that selects trending issues of social interest and feeds them to its users.

Google Plus

Google+ is Google’s version of social media, but unlike other networking sites, it focuses more on identity service and associating web content to its author, and the site ranks 2nd to Facebook in terms of number of active monthly visits among the social media.

So what should you be doing on these social media sites?

You want to get away from the spammy sales pitch that so many network marketers are doing.

When you know enough people in the industry you’ll see people message things like “Just met Mr. X who’s a millionaire in my company.

If you want to quit your job and become a millionaire send me a message”.

You want to stay as far away from that as possible.

Instead you want to build relationships, tell a story, and help people.

Let’s take the above “sales pitch” and modify it into a story.

You can post a photo having a drink with Mr. X. On the photo post “Having a drink with Mr. X! His story is so inspiring how he used to work 60 hours a week never seeing his family.

Now he doesn’t work and just travels the world with his family.”

There’s no pitch going on with that photo. But it does paint a story in the reader’s mind and can spark a conversation with other people to engage with you about Mr. X.

Make sure to also be in regular contact with the people in your network on these sites at the bare minimum once a year.

That would be their birthday.

Be sure to wish every person a Happy Birthday.

You need to be visible to everyone that’s in your network.

Something as simple as a birthday greeting will put you back in their radar if you’ve been forgotten.

Benefits of Using Twitter for Business Marketing

Twitter helps you communicate with your customers, either current or potential, through your account.

You can create your account if you are willing to do this!

There are various benefits of using Twitter to market your business.

You can use Twitter and also ensure that you are complementing it with other channels of communication.

Communicating On Twitter, you can see to it that your followers have current information about your business.

They know about every update that occurs.

If you cannot picture this, you can use a footballer’s account as an example.

They update their followers on what is happening in their lives.

Their followers would know when they had a baby, or what they are planning to name their baby even before it is out in the news.

You will also be able to communicate with your followers.

You can try to establish a cercertain level of communication with other people in the same line of business.

Generating Leads This is an interesting aspect of every social media website. However, it is special in Twitter because you can encourage your customers to avail themselves of your products and services by tweeting and retweeting.

This way you are generating sales or are on the verge of generating sales.

There are so many companies that have the offer of “Buy one get one free.” They tweet this post and retweet it to ensure that they have a good amount of sales.

Improving the Personality of Your Brand Twitter gives you the chance to improve the image of your company.

You will be able to tweet about the different products and services that you provide, and will also be able to ensure that your followers know what it is that you are providing the hot topic of the day and also be able to view what your customers are saying about your brand and products.

In addition, you will know what they are saying about other products in the same category.

Seeking Feedback Many Australian companies have used Twitter and other social media to gather feedback from their customers.

This is useful information for the business.

You will be able to improve the business and also provide your customers with what they want.

You will be able to show your potential customers that you have scope for improvement.

Provide Free Customer Service

This is something that most customers adore.

They would love to get service from you on the go instead of having to wait to meet you!

You can have communication with your clients twenty-four hours a day.

You can also have your staff answering questions that your clients have about the products that you sell. You have to work on using the right tone!


If you have a business and have not created a business Twitter account, that should be the next item on your to-do list.

Twitter is a powerful networking and marketing tool that you can use to gain followers (read: customers), engage with them, and generate more sales leads.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging platform you can use to create short 140-character text posts to share publicly, along with other media content, with the people that follow you.

The posts use hashtags to make them findable on searches.

Twitter is not a tool that you can post free ads on.

While you can use it to promote your business and products, blatant advertising such as spamming will never help your business.

Having a business Twitter handle is not synonymous with having a social media strategy, it simply means you are ready to make use of the immensely beneficial tools that the platform makes available for those that learn to use it.

To use Twitter as a social marketing tool and make the 140-character tweets work for your business, you must be Twitter-savvy.

Choosing a Concept

Choosing a Concept, the basic idea of what your Story is about, for your Feature Film is the single-most important decision that you can make regarding your Screenplay.

Many select the first and perhaps only idea that happens to come into their mind without realizing what they are committing to.

This is the biggest mistake of not only rookie Writers, but of those who fail to complete Scripts time and time again and usually end up giving up altogether.

This is why it is so important to spend the necessary time to select not only a marketable Concept but material that you really connect with.

It will take time after you have trained your mind to think like a Writer, and it means paying attention to every passing thought to see if you may have a noteworthy idea for a Movie.

Speaking of “noteworthy,” it is important to a Writer to have constant access to a note-taking system.

It used to be the trusted pad of paper and pen in the pocket, but nowadays a more reasonable solution tends to be a phone app, preferably one that is tied in with a computer backup or cloud functionality, because it is almost always within reach when needed.

I suggest both a written/typed system and a voice-recording setup to take advantage of times when it’s easier to access one or the other.

At a loud concert I’m more apt to use the typed version, and if I’m out and about I may resort to the voice recorder.

Trust me, it’s important to have both if you want to grab that idea immediately and hold on to it before it may be lost forever.

From there it is best to compile one document with all possible Script/Movie ideas.

This way you can really see what you are working with when it comes to potential ideas, and choose the best project for you right now.

It may be that a certain Genre appeals to you, such as the same one in which you wrote your Short Film Script, or perhaps not.

It may be that the idea dictates what type of Movie it will be.

Whatever the case, it’s important to identify a Concept that really stands out. 

Measure and Analyze What’s Working and What Is Not

The best thing about using Facebook as a marketing tool is that you can use in inbuilt tools to measure and evaluate performance and to decide what is working and what is not.

If you already have clear social media marketing goals, you can consistently measure the marketing campaign’s performance and adjust accordingly.

Facebook has a dynamic audience and activity metrics system that can show you which areas of your marketing approach need improvement, and click-through statistics that show how much traffic converts to sign-ups.

Be sure that you monitor engagement and integrate your social media campaign with other marketing channels, because having a Facebook page is not sufficient to drive sales through the roof.

As an agile marketing channel, Facebook is a dominant social platform that small business entrepreneurs can use with ease to boost their brand awareness, sales and exposure to potential and existing clients. Therefore, you should manage your business Facebook page in an agile manner by:

1. Starting small

2. Constantly measuring and monitoring

3. Adjusting your strategy accordingly

4. Growing consistently.


A big mistake that too many novices attempt is to “go big” and begin writing a Feature Film with no Outline, no proper Software, and no working knowledge of Structure, Character development, or even formatting.

My advice is this: start small, short and simple.

Write a Short Film, no more than five pages and focus on no more than a couple of Characters.

This will allow you to pay attention to the details without getting overwhelmed.

Figure out what Genre attracts your attention the most and download a few Feature Film Screenplays (in that Genre, preferably) to see what they look like. It used to be a task in itself to track down the precious official Screenplay of a Movie, and you often had to overpay for it.

Now it is ridiculously simple and free (for most) to search for Screenplays within a database of thousands.

Once you download a PDF (the most common file format for a Script) and flip through it, you will get the idea even if you have never read one before.

Make sure to search out Screenplays rather than Shooting Scripts for their readability (we will discuss the elements of a Shooting Script in Pre-Production).

With the Screenplay, the biggest thing to pay attention is to the overall flow of it: how is the Dialogue formatted?

How is the Action described? What goes in a Scene Heading? Then recreate that formatting to the best of your ability using whatever Word Processor (or even Typewriter) that you have access to.

Write a five-page (i.e., five minute) Script with Scene Headings, Action, Dialogue and maybe even a Transition or two.

In the end, it won’t really matter what you end up doing with it, because nobody is going to see this Script.

Not this draft, and not at all until you learn more about Screenwriting, anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, the premise might be brilliant, but I can guarantee that you didn’t nail the details if you have never written a Script before.

And rule #1 in Screenwriting is don’t show it to somebody too early.

In this case, if it’s your first attempt at Screenwriting, you will not show it to anybody.

But this is not an exercise in futility, I promise.

Now you will be doing it for real, and on a larger scale, if your ultimate goal is to create a Feature Film.

You have gotten past the first hurdle of seeing what a Script really looks like, and re-creating that format has got to be the toughest part of Screenwriting, right? Well, not exactly.

Explore Pay-per-Click

Focus on Bing Ads, Google Ad Words, Facebook Ads Major Search Engines have an ad service often referred to as pay-per-click (PPC).

The term pay-per-click is a common term in online marketing that refers to a billing option that’s performed by SEs.

You basically post an ad and every time someone clicks that ad you pay a pre-determined fee.

Hence the name pay-per-“click”.

For example if you’re on Facebook and click on an ad that you see on your browser and the marketer paid for that to specifically be a pay-per-click ad.

The person that posted that ad now has to pay a fee because someone clicked on their ad.

Another option that’s very similar to pay-per-click is paid per impression.

This campaign is highly targeted and it is  one of the most efficient methods of acquiring “interested” network representatives.

With this option you’re paying every time your ad shows up hence the name paid per “impression”.

For example let’s say you’re on Facebook and you see an ad on your web browser but don’t click on it.

If the marketer paid to specifically have that ad be a paid per impression ad then they have to pay a fee whether you clicked on that ad or not.

For both options the process is simple: open an account on their ad service, choose how much to spend, choose the keywords for your ad, you create the details of how should your ad appear on the searches and you are good to go live.

Because of the dynamics of how the two options operate the pay-per-click ad is usually more expensive since you only pay when someone actually clicks your ad.

The tricky part is how much to spend and in choosing the keywords you want to spend for.

Don’t rush.

Take time to familiarize yourself on how it works, and be very specific on your keyword choice.

Google Analytics provides an estimate of monthly traffic for keywords so you can properly setup your budget.

You can also have all this data from the tools provided in what is called Word Tracker.

Also, provided by Search Engines on your ad service campaign is the cost per click or per impression for each keyword.

With these two data, you can have a baseline of your daily expenses and adjust accordingly.

If you are unsure about this process, you can always ask the customer support or check out some online forums, to figure it out quickly consult an expert.

Again, freelancers swarm the web so it won’t be hard to get some help in this topic. Be sure to keep track of all the different keywords, ads, headlines, pictures, and even the demographics you’re using to see their conversion rate.

Using online ads takes a lot of testing to come up with the most cost-effective online ad campaign for your business.

Just because one picture doesn’t work it could be because the headline was bad. You need to try that picture with different keywords, ads, headlines to see if it really doesn’t work.

These are the links to register at:


Yahoo and MSN also Bing Ads: Consider 2nd Tier Pay-per-click


These Search Engines are second tier in the sense that they are not as widely used as the other three.

However, some of these SEs are used in specific niche searches which means visitors are more targeted.

They can result to higher sign-up rates so it’s definitely worth taking the time to look into., 7search,, Look Smart, Search Feed, Miva, Neetseer and Ad Brite are examples of 2nd tier PPC networks.

Spend a little to start with, and then assess its efficiency if it’s worth continuing on these sites.

You may be spending too much  if you don’t closely monitor what’s going on with each specific site.

The last thing you want to happen is to see that at the end, clicks don’t turn into sign-ups.

Promote Your Page

Facebook pages make it very easy to get into paid Facebook promotions that start from under $10 a day.

Facebook ads are very simple—there are templates to use under “Build Your Audience” when you click on Promote Your Page.

All it takes is selecting an image to upload, coming up with a one-line title, and choosing the profiles of your target audience based on location and up to ten other interests.

You can also promote your page by boosting a specific post.

A “Boost” would make the post or status update appear in the Home feed of targeted users as a “Suggested Post.”

All the step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this appear when you click on the Boost button at the bottom of every published post.

When you promote a page or a post, you can choose to run the ad campaign for a day, within your budget, continuously, or anything in between.

This is a very useful feature that can automate your page and keep it active and engaging.

Work on Your SEO

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a term used for the collective practices aimed at making a site rank higher in the free and organic search results pages of search engines; mainly Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Take note that we refer to the free and voluntary results and not to the sponsored results section.

Sponsored listings appear at the top of search results.

A good SEO contributes to better rankings and may not come in an instant.

The good thing is, once you start to show up on the first page of SEs, you enjoy the longer term visibility for free.

Patience is therefore a key.

If you are new to SEO, I definitely suggest immersing yourself first on the subject with websites dedicated for the matter.

Visit or type in for Bruce Clay SEO on your search box.

You will find important inforinformation on their sites about SEO.

SEO should be taken seriously if you want to succeed in your network marketing niche.

Black Hat SEO refers to techniques which you should avoid like spamming, keyword stuffing, cloaking, etc.

The basic rule is to feed search engine crawlers with the right food--which is highly relevant information on the subject, the same thing that readers need to know.  SEO involves “on the page” and “off the page” activities.

On the page elements include: meta tags, alt attributes, clean codes, informative content, well researched keywords, page load, and url architecture.

Off page SEO are activities that contribute to your link building.

The more links pointing to your site from respected and quality websites, the better it is for SEO.

Yet, there are many elements that come into play. Links should be voluntary, not reciprocal.

Do not engage in link farming (a group of webmasters who link to each other’s sites) because this is traced by search engines and considered as spamming the search index.

Think of it this way, a site should link to you by heart because they find your website to be helpful.

No payment involved, and you did not ask for it.

Beware of people who introduce themselves as SEO experts and promise to rank your site at number one.

You can be on top of searches on a keyword that is irrelevant to your networking activity.

Being number one is not really what matters; it should be how to do it right.

Take time to research keywords that blend your product to your target reader.

Next is being aggressive in finding the right audience.

I believe that manual SEO would produce better results than automated services.

 Besides, it is ethical because it involves people-to-people interaction.

Webmaster tools should stay as tools, in aid of human SEO workers.

SEO is an element of Search Engine Marketing, and at times, they are complementary to each other.

You will find that some of the things you do for Internet Marketing is a function also for SEO purposes.

This is mostly true to “off-the-page SEO”. For an example, by writing an article for another website with a link to your site included, you get referral traffic (an SEM benefit).

At the same time, the link counts as a backlink to your site (an SEO benefit).

I would recommend hiring someone with full knowledge of ETHICAL SEO to work on this part for your website.

This allows you to attend to the other areas where your expertise is needed the most.

Build a Following

Once you set up your Facebook page, you can invite your friends and existing contacts to like the page.

The page will have a handy “Build Audience” tab that you can use to get the initial likes you need to get started.

Be sure to make the page interesting by publishing a post or two before you start inviting people; users are often skeptical of pages that have not shared anything.

Remember that, when someone likes your Facebook page, their friends and at times even friends of friends (depending on their privacy settings) can see it; it will be in your best interest to attract the attention of those people too.

There are many ways to build a Facebook page fan base.

The easiest and most effective way, though, is to constantly create content and share it in a way that it reaches the widest audience.

Use the following straightforward rules to increase the number of people who like your page by simply mastering the art of online seduction through creative and ethical content sharing.

Use hashtags in your posts to make them discoverable, e.g., #Marathon.

Because your page’s posts are public, people can find them when they click such a hashtag posted by anyone on Facebook, even posts shared by other users.

However, do not overuse hashtags on Facebook, as they can be distracting.

You cannot use a hashtag on every post unlike on Twitter posts.

Get more exposure by liking other pages and interacting with their posts.

Find local businesses and pages that share content relevant to your industry and like them, but do not ask them to like you back, at least not directly.

Do you have an active business blog? Whenever you publish a post, share it on Facebook and briefly explain why it would be a good read.

Keep the page alive by announcing upcoming events and posting any special offers and discounts your business is offering, and encourage users to interact by posing questions and sharing posts and updates by other pages.

Now and then, make your posts focus on the user.

You can do this by sharing content that is not promotional in nature, e.g., inspirational quotes, funny memes, viral videos, and fast response questions.

On your website, encourage your fans to ask questions or raise any business, product, or serservice concerns on Facebook.

Be sure to respond to any criticism, complaint, or concern that users raise on comment sections of your posts or inbox messages professionally and positively.

While you have the freedom to choose what to share, there are types of content you must never share.

These include copyrighted content and images, spam and spam-like contents, controversial topics, and “business-as-usual” content when there is a national tragedy.

Build Your Own WordPress Website

The Internet is one of the most powerful tools in promoting a network marketing business.

Well, it has an advantage over traditional advertising with its global reach, apart from allowing marketers to work at the comfort of their own homes.

To be successful in maintaining the flow of networking leads, an online marketer must be proficient with Internet Marketing.

Using the internet as a tool to grow your business affords you the ability to never run out of people to talk to.

If you don’t believe this just go check out Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and look at the number of people you can promote your business to that you don’t know.

There’s no reason a person can’t succeed in their network marketing company if they know how to leverage the internet to build their organization.

An online campaign starts with having your own website as this will be your point of sale on the web.

Buy your own domain name and host your site on reliable hosting companies so you can have full control of the contents and features.

At any time you may think of incorporating a new functionality, you have the freedom to do so.

Your online presence is a critical aspect of your business as it gives you the much needed credibility you will need to succeed online.

Just like you won’t be an instant superstar in your network marketing company, it’s the same with your online presence.

The more quality you have out there online and the longer you have that online presence the more credible you’ll appear to your audience.

WordPress is recommended when choosing which software to build your website.

Why? It offers thousands of custom made themes that you can easily tweak to fit your requirements.

More than that, WordPress offers highly customizable tools useful to marketing such as SEO and Social Media plugins.

WordPress is the most popular software for starting a website because of its ease of use and flexibility you get from them.

With limited knowledge on web design you can make a very professional looking website in a few hours.

It’s also quite easy to maintain and make any necessary modifications you might need over the lifetime of your website.

By default, WordPress posts have a comments box at the end where you can engage your readers.

Make the email and name fields “required” before they can post comments, so you get their contact information.

These email addresses will quickly add-up to your list of possible network representatives.

Also, you can choose to approve submitted comment before they show up, so you can filter out any comments that you don’t want to be seen.

Make sure to have a good number of testimonials throughout your site to promote your business opportunity or product.

You need to show to your prospects the benefits other people are getting from being a part of your network marketing company.

 If you’re able to provide testimonials that are more than just text (audio, video, photos) that will stand out a lot more and increase your conversion rate.

Your website should also include your physical address, contact options, and the persons behind your business, About Your Company (Vision and Mission), Privacy Policy and a Site Map.

A site map is a basic categorical list of pages that are part of a website, similar to a directory.

It functions the same as the Table of Contents of a book by helping your visitors and Search Engines navigate through all your pages easily.

WordPress has a number of different types of plugins you can choose for making a sitemap.

If you’re new to all of this you might want to get a friend to help you in this process or even consider hiring a web designer to build your website.

You’ll find many of them around just look for references and ask to see some of their work.

Don’t hire a web designer based on price as low price will show in their low quality work.

Set Up Your Page

Once your page has been created, take some time to customize it, applying the same branding that your website uses, if you have one.

You can do this by: Uploading an eye-catching cover photo that will appear on top of the Facebook page.

Using your business’s logo as the page’s profile picture.

Note that the profile picture is the image that will be attached to all the page’s posts.

 Providing detailed information about the business in the about section of the page.

This can include a brief history of the business, its mission or description, location and contact information including a phone number, and a link to your business’s official website.

Remember to make use of photographs that you have taken yourself.

That will make you look genuine.

For example, if you are a bakery owner, you must neatly arrange all your products and showcase them on your page.

You can add in a few fun elements and make it interesting.

You must also provide the user with in-depth insight into what you have on offer for them at the bakery.

It will pay to mention all the ingredients that you use and where you acquire them. All these small details will help them connect with you and transparency will pay off well.

You must also clearly mention your address so that people know where to reach you. Check all these small points before going live with your page to eliminate discrepancies.

Maintain a separate telephone for your business and advertise it so that people can reach you directly.

At this stage, your Facebook page will be functional and you can start using it right away.

However, you can enhance it further by adding Facebook ads that boost the page’s performance and even appearance.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thinking like a Writer

Writers learn how to view things a certain way, whether it’s something interesting they may see on the Television news, to something unique about everyday life, or even a daydream.

It’s about developing a perspective and staying true to that for the sake of the Story.

 Our brains are constantly filtering information and telling us what is important and what isn’t.

If you change the parameters of the input, the output will inevitably be altered.

What was a difficult situation when it happened might become a great Story, and one that could help somebody else avoid a similar scenario.

Writing takes practice, just like any skill.

More than that, it necessitates developing a certain workflow–one that will allow the project to remain manageable no matter the length or complexity.

Most people get overwhelmed by their own lack of knowledge of the process and freeze up at some point.

They don’t have a roadmap, and they inevitably get lost.

For the beginning Writer/Filmmaker, I am attempting to provide a roadmap, and for the veteran Writer/Filmmaker, perhaps a few new tools to use.

This is not about being formulaic by any means, but about having a process that invites rather than inhibits creativity.

by their own lack of knowledge of the process and freeze up at some point.

They don’t have a roadmap, and they inevitably get lost.

For the beginning Writer/Filmmaker, I am attempting to provide a roadmap, and for the veteran Writer/Filmmaker, perhaps a few new tools to use.

This is not about being formulaic by any means, but about having a process that invites rather than inhibits creativity.


I'd like to take a few moments to look into new and exciting options at the forefront of social media.

The social media platforms we discussed in greater depth earlier are all juggernauts in their field, and most of them have been around and holding strong for quite some time now.

Consistency on such things is valuable and a good way to ensure you sign up with a strong and proven outlet for your marketing needs, and as such those options should never be understated.

That said, they are not the only options out there.

With each passing year, technology and current trends fluctuate and evolve.

New and emerging social media platforms begin to burst forth into bloom.

Certainly there are greater risks with selecting a newer and less popular platform, but a pioneering spirit is sometimes the key to success.

If you have a more adventurous soul than most and are not one to back down over a little risk, you may want to consider some of the options that we will discuss in this chapter.

Small risks sometimes result in major rewards, and these are areas you may very well outpace and overtake your competitors in by being an early adopter and user of alternative social media choices.

If you don't find something that fully satisfies you in our original list, or if you want to explore uncharted territory, be on the lookout for up and coming options: they've got what you need.

Use vital photos from post planner

This is a premium service that goes for about $29 a month and helps you get to know such things like all time popular photos.

To get info about any page, you simply need to add its URL to the app.

So, how can you use that to your benefit? Simple; you can share it on your page to help drive more likes and comments.

Just make sure that it doesn’t promote the competitor’s business (such things like watermarks or copyrighted images are a no no)!

Does CrowdStreet only do equity deals? If so - why is your focus on equity rather than debt, or both?

“The CrowdStreet Marketplace offers the following types of real estate investment structures:

1. Equity, which is often referred to as “joint venture equity”

2. Preferred equity

3. Mezzanine Debt (debt that is subordinate to the senior loan)

4. Senior debt (typically offered via a fund structure) It is important to note that, because the CrowdStreet Marketplace offers investors the ability to invest directly with an operating company, any debt investments will be offered and managed by a lender.

For this reason and for additional reasons inherent to the direct-to-operator approach, the majority of investment opportunities on the CrowdStreet Marketplace are structured as equity or preferred equity.”

Kickstarter’s Spotlight Feature

Kickstarter’s spotlight feature helps creators continue to share their product’s story with backers and members of the press after they’ve successfully completed their campaign.

It also allows creators to set up a call-to-action button and direct traffic that comes to their campaign page to a website of their choice.

You can customize the color, text, and URL of the button.

When potential customers click that button, they’ll be taken to a webpage, online store, or other location so that they can continue to pledge money to your campaign.

Next, I’ll be discussing some of the features of the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. These are key attributes that you should be aware of before you decide to launch your crowdfunding campaign.


Historically, Indiegogo has been more of an open platform than Kickstarter, accepting a wide array of different projects and campaigns.

At the time of writing, $950 million has been raised on Indiegogo, across all projects and across 223 countries.

Over 11 million backers have donated to over 650,000 projects. In fact, on the day I wrote this very sentence, “7,261 contributors raised $851,210

for 1,600 campaigns.” On the surface, they might look similar to Kickstarter, but underneath, they are quite different.

Do you have any advice for sponsors and investors?

“Not all crowdfunding platforms are created equal. For those investors interested in investing in private real estate offerings via an online platform, they should research several of the leading platforms that are committed to investor protection through best practices in the areas of sponsorship quality, property quality, professionally prepared offering documents, investor accreditation, website functionality and security.

• CrowdStreet’s marketplace serves as an intermediary connecting accredited investors with pre-approved real estate sponsors.

• Be careful of platforms without pre-qualifying standards.

• Investors should have a quality, property quality, professionally prepared offering documents, investor accreditation, website functionality and security.

• CrowdStreet’s marketplace serves as an intermediary connecting accredited investors with pre-approved real estate sponsors.

• Be careful of platforms without pre-qualifying standards.

• Investors should have a clear understanding of the financial engineering of an offering and know exactly where their investment is in the capital sources of a particular property.

• Crowdfunding is a highly regulated industry, so investors should seek to understand how the platform achieves regulatory compliance.”

Make use of Facebook Pages to watch

Your biggest strength here is the fact that very few businesses are using this feature and the fact that the competitor can never know that you are spying.

Instead, they get a message that someone has placed them on the watch list (without specifying who).

So, how do you start using this feature? -When you login to your Facebook page, navigate to the overview section located on the Facebook insights tab then scroll down to add page then select this option (although there is an option for you, you can simply search a specific page to add).

-You can then add all the pages that you would want to watch (you have up to 100 pages to add).

Ensure that you add a few pages from industry leaders within your niche just to make sure that you are getting insights on what works for them and what doesn’t.

You could also know which kinds of posts are popular.

To check out how a page you are watching is performing, you simply need to click on the page’s name to get all the data.

-Go to the section for posts (in the insights page) and then click the option for top posts from all pages that you are following (you will get 5 popular posts from all the pages in your watch list).

You can get more info about the posts by clicking on each post just to know the type of engagement in each post (likes, shares, comments etc).


In addition to the many resources and strategies proposed in previous post's there are other forms of social media marketing and advertising that you might consider trying when growing your business.

We'll take the time to disdiscuss a few of these options in this post.

We will begin our discussion with Yelp. Yelp allows businesses to create profiles for themselves, which they can display and share to the community.

These commonly include location, products and services offered, pictures or other images, and methods of contacting them. Additionally, a company can link it's website from it's Yelp profile, enabling customers to easily click the link and generating more traffic on your website.

The goal of Yelp is primarily for customers to review and rate your business on a scale going from one through five.

They can praise or criticize features they did or did not like publicly as part of their review.

Additionally, companies being reviewed as well as other individuals can respond to their reviews in order to enable the two-way communication so essential of social media.

If you gain positive reviews on Yelp, it will surely raise the reputation of your business and increase your customer base and sales, so it is worth taking a bit of time to set up a representative and professional profile for your company there.

An additional social media platform that has existed for quite a long time now is simply blogging.

While they no longer enjoy the same popularity as they once did, considering the wide availability and subsequent popularity of newer and fresher social media options these days, they can still be a useful tool to take advantage of.

Blogs allow you the opportunity to express more via writing about your business or products.

You can easily have a blog as part of your website that you can update with any new and exciting products or services you offer as well as other interesting business developments.

You can use your other social media accounts to link to your blog when it is fitting, and it can be a fun place to do promotions such as giveaways.

Additionally, you can follow and comment on the blogs of others, and in some cases people might review your products and/or services on their own personal blogs.

If their reviews are positive, it can certainly increase your prestige and your customer base, as anyone following their blog will suddenly view you in a favorable light.

Finally, you should consider the option of social commerce, which is closely linked to many other social media platforms and in many cases, can be utilized simultaneously.

It usually involves aiding customers in getting advice on what they might like, and then instructions on how to find and purchase the items and services they require or desire.

Like most other forms of social media, it requires trust and communication.

Parts of social commerce include user reviews and ratings, as is featured on Yelp, as well as recommendations, apps, and shopping communities that discuss this interest and share likes and favorites with one another.

Tools such as quizzes or polls that direct consumers to products that they might like are frequent components in the social commerce world, as are applications that allow your customers to share their shopping experiences with their entire social network at the press of a button.

Social commerce is, primarily, about building and cultivating a reputation.

Having unusual or limited edition items and specialized shopping services will make potential customers want to seize the opportunity to make a purchase while they still can- and then they will share it with others, effectively advertising for your company.

In doing so more traffic is brought in and the cycle continues.

Extremely pop popular sites that utilize social commerce fully include, but are not limited to, Etsy, Groupon, Cafepress, and even Pinterest.

Notably, social commerce is an ever increasing market, and there are some experts who predict that 2017 will be a very successful year for social commerce, so now might be the right time to get your business involved in it.


If you are fortunate enough to be in a position where you have the means to Option or Purchase either a Script, Novel or other Intellectual Property (IP), then you will be ahead of the game on the rest of the Screenwriting process and should only need to read the rest of this post for familiarity with what to expect from a hired Screenwriter.

It is wise to pursue every avenue that your connections take you in regards to shopping for the right Source Material, but also make sure that it is a marketable Concept for a Movie.

There is some truth to writing about what you know, but most of us don’t live that extraordinary of lives, for better or worse.

That is, unless everybody that you have ever told your Story to have replied enthusiastically “that should be a Movie!”

Likewise, don’t bother with the life Story of someone that you happen to know, unless it is genuinely worthy of a Movie.

A good gauge is looking at how much other media coverage they have been able to attract with their Story.

Don’t go too far into a niche with Source Material that has no Genre equivalent in Movies.

Don’t waste your time on a Novel if it’s only getting lukewarm reviews in the publishing world, unless you have insight in to how to make it significantly better as an adaptation.

Remember that Movies must appeal to a wider audience than Books or most other properties because of the substantial financial investment involved in making them.

Optioning material is a contractual process whereby you track down the owner of the Intellectual Property and Purchase the rights for a designated period of time, during which you will be attempting to get your Film made.

It can be a high-risk move for a beginning Filmmaker, and one that will most likely yield a lot of skepticism and negative feedback from jaded Writers/content creators.

If you demonstrate a genuine passion for their work and have a particular insight that hooks them, you might convince an Author to give you a shot at turning their Story into a Film.

Or perhaps you can negotiate a Shop Deal which is a non-exclusive Option.

You don’t necessarily have to hire a Lawyer to handle all of this, as there are lots of contract templates online.

But it can get very confusing without Legal advice so it may be worth it to spend the money at this stage.

Worth mentioning here is Source Material which is always ripe for adaptation can be found in the Public Domain, free and clear of any copyright issues due to when it was created.

Perhaps a modern take on an old classic, or a twist on a well-known fable is perfect subject matter for you to develop.

Just be absolutely sure that it is in the clear of any ownership issues before developing this Concept.

If you are not in a fortunate enough position monetarily to hire a Writer or Cowriter, or if this is a part of the process that you are particularly passionate about, then you must learn to think like one.