Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Be Generous with Retweeting

The more you share other users’ blog posts and retweet their content, the more they will reciprocate. The same applies to content you share that you’ve found on the Internet. Sharing other people’s content and tagging them is a sure-fire way to get on their radar. The more others retweet you, the more you will be introduced to their followers. You don’t need to ask for a retweet, either - simply posting great content worth retweeting works wonders.

Create Lists

Create lists of great content producers in your niche. If you haven't done so already find the top thought leaders in your industries niche. Make a note of their twitter accounts and put them into a twitter list. You can name that list top industry thought leaders in marketing or what ever works best for you. You also want to find your main competitors and twitter accounts that are similar to yours. This will be a great help especially if you just started a blog and are stuggling to produce great content. When you create your tweet scheadule make sure you schedule some of their content to be tweeted out along with your own content. Not only will curating other users’ content allow you to consistently share great content, it will help get you on the radar of those great content producers. Getting the attention of industry leaders can have a big impact on your own business (and your Twitter account), especially if they return the love and share your content as well.

Use Hashtags

Not so long ago, the familiar # symbol was just called the pound sign. Now it’s fondly referred to as a hashtag and is placed at the beginning of a specific word or phrase to tag your content. Hashtags also make your content searchable, making it easier for your target audience to find. However, you shouldn’t just use random hashtags. You need to use the RIGHT hashtags - hashtags that will grab your audience’s attention. Sources like are great for finding popular hashtags in your niche, the ones your audience is actively searching for.

Put a Link on Your Website

This one is kind of a no brainer, but the best way to build relationships with your website visitors and increase the likelihood that they will become customers is to engage with them on social media. Make it easy for them to find your Twitter profile by placing a link on your site directly.

Use a Call to Action

Every other aspect of marketing requires a call to action, and Twitter marketing is no different. Tell your followers exactly the kind of action you want them to take in your Tweet before they arrive on your landing page. Do you want them to get a coupon? To download your new e-book? Let them know what to expect and you’ll see the conversions start to pour in because you’re driving quality traffic to your offer!

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