Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hashtag Application Tips:

Hashtags are great because they increase your exposure and make your content searchable. I have prepared a list hastage application tips that I feel will be beneficial to you.

1) On this website I have posted many hashtage lists according to industry. Feel free to use those lists and add to them in the comments section.

2) Mix up hashtags to find what is best suitable for your upload.

3) Use the same hashtags as your clients.

4) Use hashtags specific to your specialty.

For Example: #weddingphotographer or #fashionblogger

5) Use location-based hashtags for places you visit or live in.

For Example: #Cubabeach or #MontrealMoments

6) If you are in retail or a restaurant, include your location in hashtags.

For Example: #NYChotdogs or #LAcafe

7) Consider putting the hashtags in the comment section instead of the upload description for a cleaner look.

Hashtags: Days of the week

On Instagram, each day of the week has a specific hashtag dedicated to topic or person. You don’t have to use that specific hashtag every week; however it’s important to know how to use it for when you want to. I strongly recommend using them every now and then as they are extremely popular hashtags and increase your exposure widely. 

Basic rule : Don’t mess up the days.

For example: Don’t use Monday’s hashtag on Tuesday. This will contribute to a negative perception.

 Monday Topic: Man Crush Monday Associated Hashtags: #mcm or #mancrushmonday 

How it is used: Users upload images of a male person, either someone they personally know or a celebrity, they admire.

How you can use it: A couple ways this can be used. Upload an image of a male employee and in the description write a little bio about him (Role at work as well as what he does in his personal time). This is similar to “Employee of the Week ” concept. You could also feature a prominent male-figure in your industry or field. 

For example, if you are in the “ Entrepreneur” industry, you can feature Elon Musk with a brief bio of his entrepreneurial career.

Tuesday Topic: Transformation Tuesday Associated Hashtags: #tt or #transformationtuesday 

How it is used: Users upload images highlighting some sort of transformation. 

A common example is someone showing a before and after of their body following a weight loss program. 

Another common example is some putting a picture of themselves when they were younger, right next to a recent picture of themselves. 

How you can use it: This is a perfect hashtag if you are in the fitness and health industry. You can follow the examples above. 

Highlight some sort of improvement. For example: a website or logo redesign, new hairstyle (for hair stylists), or a new office.

Wednesday Topic: Woman Crush Wednesday

Associated Hashtags: #wcw or #womancrushwednesday

How it is used: This is used exactly the same as Man Crush Wednesday except directly towards women.

How you can use it: Just as with #mcm, you can feature a female employee or feature a prominent female-figure in your industry.

Thursday Topic: Throwback Thursday Associated Hashtags: #tbt or #throwbackthursday

How it is used: This has to be one of the most popular hashtag as it was the first to go viral.

Users upload pictures taken a long time ago. The unofficial official rule is that it must be at least 5 years old. So we see a lot of pictures from high school or prom. Even pictures from a vacation trip a while back.

How you can use it: As tempting as it may be to post many pics on #tbt , try limiting it to one or two. If you are an influencer or a business coach, consider uploading a pic of you as a child or of you in your early stages of your career/ popularity.

Friday Topic: Flashback Friday Associated Hashtags: #fbf or #flashbackfriday

How it is used: Flashback Friday is pretty much another excuse to post old pictures that you may have wanted to for #tbt.

Flashback Friday is more of a comparison between the past and present.

For example: Childhood best friends will put a picture of them together when they were younger right next to one of them recently.

How you can use it: You can take advantage of #fbf to show your company’s growth or older products you offer.

If you are in the electronics industry for example, you can put up an image of the first Apple computer or first cellphone with a brief history.

Saturday Topic: Caturday Associated Hashtag: #caturday

How it is used: This is one of the least popular ones however it’s important to know it exists. It’s the day to feature cats. Simply because the internet is obsessed with cats.

How you can use it: You can upload a picture of an employee with their cat at work (consider allowing them to bring it in to work for the day).

If you are in the pet industry, the options are endless.

Sunday Topic: Selfie Sunday Associated Hashtags: #ss or #selfiesunday

How it is used: Pretty self-explanatory. A day and hashtag dedicated to selfies.

How you can use it: Take a group selfie with your employees or encourage your fan base and customers to upload a selfie with your product. Be sure to feature the best one( s) It is key for your company or brand to leverage these viral hashtags. First, you are able to increase your exposure on Instagram and second, you can portray your brand as engaging, relevant and sincere without directly selling them something in their face. This makes you more inviting on Instagram.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Always feel free to comment in the comments section below. Thank you!


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