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Public relations is a very important part of any effective marketing campaign, traditional or modern (i.e., social media).

 One way to do this is by introducing your business and your products and services to those who can spread word about them far and wide – the media.

Because many media people such as bloggers, reporters and journalists are also on Twitter, it only makes sense to use this micro-blogging site for effective public relations or PR.

One way to do this is by first following or subscribing to blogs that are most popular or well known in our particular industry or niche.

From there, you can glean ideas as to which influential or beneficial Twitter authors or personalities to follow.

You can also follow well-known journalists who cover your industry or niche and to tweet about their published works and get their opinions on industry or niche-related topics, which can help you get on their good side.

Once you do, you can tweet them about your products or services, taking care not to “sell” them.

Establishing such professionally personal relationships with influencers can go a long way in promoting your brands.

In many cases, it will cost you nothing, and having powerful and influential friends like these effectively results in free advertising for you.

Favorite and retweet what they say, get to know their thoughts and opinions on things, and your business will flourish as their endorsement will excite new potential customers into converting.

Steps to Analyze and Refine Strategies

This post covers the basic steps that you as a business owner can implement to analyze your marketing strategies.

Incorporate an Analytics Program You will need to constantly monitor the technology that you use as well as your marketing strategies using the technology.

This is difficult since it has to be done on a regular basis.

You can make life easier for you by using analytics software.

Various software programs can be used to analyze the traffic to your website, conversion rates, and much more.

Identify What It Is That You Want to Change

There are many things that you may have to change.

Instead of jumping in and making changes to everything, you should decide what you want to target first.

Assume that you have to work on the titles, the content, and the images on your page.

You cannot work on all of these at once. You will have to work on it step by step.

Start working on the title, since that is the most important part of your page.

You can then move on to analyzing the content and then the images.

Try to follow a systematic process.

Once you have done that, can ask yourself the following questions.

Do you want more traffic for your website?

 Do you want to convert the visitors into leads?

You also have to try looking for different ways in which you will be able to create new avenues for yourself.

Initially Flipkart only sold books but, when it became a hit with consumers, Flipkart began to expand into other departments.

You now have numerous departments from which you can buy what you want most.

Identify Metrics for Your Success You have to have a quantifiable means of measuring success.

You should avoid having a system that only gives you dichotomous answers.

For example, try to state that your new venture would be a success if there were 10,000 views in a day.

Work on Refining Your Strategies

You have worked on the various parts of your strategy.

You have also decided that there are things that you will have to work on.

You have to analyze where your programs or marketing strategies have performed and where they have not.

Once you do this, you will be able to modify what does not work and try to see if you can enhance the programs that are working.

Evaluate Your Strategies

You have made changes to your strategies and have begun to use them.

Start measuring your success using the metric that you have decided on.

If you find that you are able to meet the metric that you have set, you can continue with the same strategy.

You will have to work on doing things differently otherwise.

You will need to monitor the changes made continuously in order to have an effect that lasts for the long term!


You can use Twitter as a very powerful marketing tool to help direct more traffic to your business website, promote your business’ activities and events, monitor economic activity and share your expertise.

 By inserting a link in your tweets, you drive people to your business website and promote any coupons or special offers, inform them of interesting developments on your product or service and provide them with access to very interesting and quality content.

Fans may even re-tweet the things you share on Twitter if they find your content to be very good and unique, it multiplies or leverages the amount of traffic that can be directed to your business website and as such, you gain access to more marketing leads.

You can gently and enthusiastically request that people take the time to retweet content they enjoyed, thus generating a higher amount of interest in your company and what you have to say, or, more precisely, what you have to tweet.

By using the “Connect” tab on your Twitter account, you can monitor your product or service’s activities on Twitter.

You can also do this by signing up for updates that are sent via email.

Lastly, you can use software to get a closer look at all of your product or service’s Twitter activities.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to market a product or service.

And testimonials are one of those ways that your business can be promoted by word of mouth.

A very good way of collecting good testimonials for your product or service is by using Twitter's “Favorites” feature.

Such testimonials are significant social proof for your product or service and can help enhance the image of your product or service, making it more popular.

People are inherently social creatures, and if something is popular and well liked, they usually want to try it out as well.

The more clients you have that favorite your business, the more positive reviews you will effectively hold.

That will raise your reputation in the eyes of any social media consumer.

Using this feature is as easy as 1-2-3. You just hover over any tweet in your stream and then a list of options will appear, from which you can click “Favorite”.

Your product or services get more social proof as the number of favorite tweets contained in your tab increases. It's well worth favoring tweets your followers and potential customers share as well, particularly any that support or reference your business or similar things in any way.

 It shows clients that you are listening and interacting with them, and it makes them feel special.

One way you can promote or market your business’ promotional activities – like campaigns, webinars or events – is by tweeting about it and inserting a link that will direct people to your event’s sign up page.

Oh, it's best that you come up with a very nice hashtag for your activity first before you even tweet about it.

Including diverse and descriptive hashtags will ensure your tweets are present in a number of different categories and increase their visibility.

 Inappropriate use of or simply lacking of hashtags will lead to your tweets not getting much attention, and using them well is an easy, quick, and free method of directing more potential clients to your business.

You can help make your brand a preferred or leading one by tweeting useful resources and tips regularly.

As you do this, it’s best to tweet a good amount of both your original or owned resources and those of other people’s.

Apart from establishing your product or service leadership, it can also project an image that’s humble and open.

This makes you appear personable- almost human, yet also knowledgeable.

A source that people can trust and depend upon is a resource they'll happily utilize.

When using Twitter, keep in mind that there are a number of tools and programs that you can use to maximize the time you spend and to ensure you gain the greatest amount of followers.

Many of these work by making it easier for you to find people and companies to follow- and it helps you to notice when someone you once took an interest in becomes inactive so that you can unfollow.

It's worth noting, of course, that many of your clients will use these tools as well, so strive to ensure your own activity does not fall too low, lest you disappoint them.

ROI – Revenue on Investment

Maybe you follow all the advice given on this site Join Indie Funda.

You spend so much time on social media putting every bit of advice you’ve heard into action to market via social media.

You’ve spent hard-earned money on making your product available online, and spent it on ads.

You have spent many days trying to come up with unique strategies to make your website better than others and trying to find out what your unique selling point is.

If it were a different type of business, you expect returns on your investment and that should not change here.

You have invested in your business and you need to see if your efforts have paid off and that can be done by measuring your ROI.

Measuring revenue on investment is hard because the algorithms used in this process keep changing, so there are a few steps for you to measure your ROI.

First, you need to set goals.

Determine what scales you are going to use to determine your success.

It can be leads or clicks or new email addresses in your mailing list.

Other metrics are reach, conversion rate, traffic, online purchases, social interactions, link clicks, etc.

You then need to find out which social media you are going to choose.

Find where your audience spends their time.

Maybe you have marketed on all the major platforms, so it is hard because there is activity on all the sites.

Then choose the one site where you spent a lot of investment in marketing and keep that as your data point.

Then make a list of all the money that was spent on that social media site.

Track down the time spent in the marketing, cost of all ads related to that site, and other activities that made up the marketing efforts in that platform.

Put down the findings in an organized manner.

You can put it down in a timeframe to make it easier – weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.

Now that you have your results, review them.

Find out what worked for you and what didn’t and then reset your goals and make the concerned changes.

It can be hard to measure ROI because you might not know when to measure.

The investment that you make now will pay off maybe in another year or even next week.

The trends of social media are hard to solidify.

The influence varies.

It is also hard to put a value on intangible things like loyalty and sentiments.

Many researchers have found out that, rather than revenue being generated by social media marketing, only brand presence and awareness have increased.

 Many people might not trust online shopping and would rather go the old traditional way of face-to-face shopping.

 Thus the effect of marketing in social media is not set in stone.

But many people will follow your product diligently online and make up for potential customers.

So many factors play into social marketing, making the measurement of ROI very difficult.

Nonetheless, it should not stop you from taking stock of what you have achieved and what you can change to achieve more.

Tips When Posting

Here are some tips when posting in Instagram:

Post regularly – Be consistent in posting photos and images as search engines prefer consistency.

To improve your ranking, it’s crucial that you update your Instagram feed with interesting and relevant images.

Use Hashtags – A hashtag identified by the # symbol is used to mark the topics or keywords of your images.

Using hashtags in your images and photos will make them visible in public tag pages.

It will also make it easier for others to find your content.

You can also think of a unique hashtag about your business and encourage your followers to use it when they share your photo.

Link up to other Social Networking sites – Link your Instagram account to your Facebook page so that you don’t need to post your images separately.

This will also enable your Facebook friends to see, like, and comment on your photos.

This way, you will increase the amount of attention your photos receive.

Get a Unique Username – When choosing your username, make sure that it says something unique about you.

Your username should brand you.

You may also choose a name that is connected to your business.

This will make it easier for others to find you when they search for your business opportunity or products.

If you have registered your Instagram account under a different name, don’t worry.

You can simply edit your profile and change your name when you log in.

Share Engaging Photos – Not only should you post original photos that are exciting and engaging, you should also share others that are equally compelling, so that your followers will also like and share them with their followers.

You can also make sure that your Instagram feed is regularly updated by sharing photos.

Again, it’s important that you are consistent. You have to keep your followers entertained.

Otherwise, they will ignore or even unfollow you.

Ask for Feedback – Ask for feedback from your followers so you know what they want.

Do not be tentative or shy.

You can think of creative ways to make this process engaging and fun for them.

For example, you can give a reward for their honest opinions or conduct a contest on the most interesting and thought-provoking idea or comment.

Tell A Story – Your photos must tell a story about your business or about you.

Try to be creative so that your followers will await and look forward to your succeeding posts.

Geo-Tagging – The location services of Instagram can be used to recruit your prospects to your business.

By geo-tagging your photos, potential recruits in your local community might get interested at the opportunity.

Some of them may be particularly looking for a mentor or counselor in your area.

You can geo-tag quickly by adding photos to your photomap.

This option can be found on your Instagram share panel.

Conduct Contests – You can generate interest in your products as well as invite likes and comments by holding contests.

You can ask your distributors to upload photos of them using Instagram to win a prize.

You can further engage your followers by encouraging them to vote on their favorite photo.

You can also ask your followers to upload photos of an Opportunity Meeting.

By doing so, you are able  to promote your business as well as recognize your company’s efforts.

Get Connected – Lastly, connect all your social media accounts on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr.

By doing this, you will increase your chances of engaging and expanding your audience in several platforms.

Types of properties that make good REC Investments

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding whether or not a proposed REC project is approved.

So far, REC platforms do not deal with new developments.

Instead, they prefer to deal with income-earning property that they are confident will achieve relatively quick returns for investors.

This means projects like fix and flip, multi-family residential properties, office, industrial, retail properties and more.

 When looking into a deal you have to be aware of all of the possible factors that could affect it, like the area that the property is in, population, etc.

If you are an experienced sponsor and the first deal that you bring to a REC platform is denied, don’t give up.

There can be small reasons that a deal is not good for REC but as you propose more deals you will start to see which ones are a better fit and why.

One example of a deal that did well in 2014 is Cumberland Metro, in Illinois.

The project raised $18.5 million on Realty Mogul for a large office park acquisition by Brennan Investment Group.

The complex is made up of 12 single story-buildings near the Chicago O’Hare International Airport (a great location!).

Brennan Group is now in charge of implementing property management, a leasing program, and making improvements to the property.

Use Business Listing Report.

To gain maximum benefit and keep one’s business tactics updated, a large number of small size and mid-size businesses make use of online directories.

You must have an organized market plan to boost your marketing strategies.

By implementing online directories, you can accumulate immense benefits from your marketing and advertising strategy.

This is also recommended as you get a lot of customer attention at a very low investment.

Online directories can play a significant role in boosting your business by increasing the website traffic and making your market presence felt by finding prospective customers.

It certainly improves bottom line revenue of your business to a large extent.

Online directories in combination with social media strategies can prove to be a powerful potion for your business.

#So, should you like your page immediately?

Much as you might think that it doesn’t hurt to like your page as the first person, I would advise against it.

Since liking your page will appear in your timeline, you don’t want people to see that you are liking pages that don’t have content yet; you want to reserve that for the time you will have populated your page or when you think you have had enough posts to make people to want to share, like etc.

In simple terms, liking your page as the first person will be wasting potential traffic, which you should have gotten had you opted to wait until you have populated your page with great content.

The Pitfall of “Build it and They Will Come”

Most first-time Kickstarter entrepreneurs think that there are a bunch of strangers online just waiting to give you money.

 Maybe they love products or they don’t have anything better to do with their lives.


While it’s true that there are regular backers on the Kickstarter platform, that is also true of major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

It doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to become a millionaire or get free money.

You still need an amazing product, and in this case, a well-crafted campaign.

You may think that your project is awesome and that once you put a project online, the world will beat a path to your door.

This is simply not the case!

The most successful Kickstarter projects put a tremendous amount of effort in the structure of their campaign, and getting the word out through the media, Facebook, and other social channels.

They also work to build up an audience of fans before they launch.

It might surprise you to learn that most creators invest anywhere from 20-30 hours per week into their Kickstarter project.

This includes managing the campaign, marketing it, answering backer questions, reaching out to influencers, and interacting on social media.

For many running a Kickstarter campaign is a part-time, if not a full-time job.

Unfortunately, this point is even more true today than when Kickstarter first started.

Now, with so many campaigns launching every day, you have to fight to stand out above the pack.

As more and more entrepreneurs begin to use Facebook ads and other advertising channels, like Instagram, you’ll have to compete for the attention of regular backers.

Don’t worry, I’ll be spending a lot of time on how to market your campaign and stand out in the future posts.

Ironically, this growing competition is one of the reasons that Kickstarter works so well.

It ensures that the platform only highlights high-quality projects.

Also, when creators do marketing for their own campaign, they attract new Kickstarter backers that become a part of the platform and go on to support other Kickstarter projects.

For example, Double Fine Adventure is a video game Kickstarter project that was launched in 2012 and raised $3,336,371, bringing in 61,692 new backers.

Of those individuals, 22% of them went on to back another project, to the tune of an additional $875,000 to 1,200 projects.

As another example, the famous Coolest Cooler Kickstarter project raised $13,285,226 and brought in new 4,192 backers that then went on to fund other Kickstarter projects in the weeks after the campaign finished.

The website is a marketplace of buyers and sellers.

But, just because you’re a part of that marketplace doesn’t guarantee that the buyers will like your product or support your endeavor.

You have to put in the work to make the best campaign possible.

#Profile photo #Should you start inviting people right away?

The profile picture should speak volumes about your business; you shouldn’t just choose anything that comes (It is even advisable to have your company logo).

#Should you start inviting people right away?

I wouldn’t recommend that you start inviting people or advertising your page if you don’t have anything on your page yet.

Your first priority should be to start posting stuff that people would want to check around when they visit your page.

Think about it; would you want to like a page that has no photos, updates, likes etc?

 If you hardly like pages that have nothing to like, don’t push people to like your page when it has nothing.

Asking people to like a blank page will be a wasted opportunity to sell yourself better.

Keep Quality over Quantity.

Just focusing on quantity and keeping on posting any kind of content can never give one success in long run.

One must avoid posting verbose content on social media as it may give a bad impression as well as a set back to your business marketing efforts.

Apart from understanding what to post, you must also know when to post as posting at the peak time always gets more viewers.

The social media is already flooded with content.

In such a situation, the customers want to see relevant content as its said quality always wins over quantity.

To understand this on a deeper level, think about one of your connections on Facebook who keeps posting irrelevant content every few hours.

So, you must give importance only to such content which can be duly appreciated by others and create such an impression that people keep waiting for you to post new content.

So, always think twice before posting any kind of information on social media platforms.

Star Command Campaign:

Star Command raised $36,967 on Kickstarter from 1,167 backers for an Android/iOS game.

It’s the creation of indie game developer War Balloon.

In an article, published on Gamasutra, Star Command shared the realities for shipping and reward fulfillment costs after Kickstarter.

Campaign Costs $2,000 worth of pledges failed to transfer.

$3,000 went to Kickstarter and Amazon Payments.

$10,000 production of War Balloon rewards (posters and shirts).

$6,000 towards Star Command‘s music $4,000 on setting up the company

(attorneys, start-up fees, etc.)

$2,000 on poster art

$1,000 on iPads

$3,000 on its PAX East presence.

After these expenses, War Balloon was left with $6,000, a third of which went to taxes.

The article reports “The studio has actually taken on more than $50,000 in debt while working on Star Command, which releases to iOS and Android devices this summer.”

In total, their profit was ~10%. You’re not going to go laughing off to the bank from the profits made from a Kickstarter campaign.

You need to coordinate reward fulfillment, shipping, deal with manufactures, respond to comments, and actually complete the project (which is not always the same as fulfilling the rewards).

This new fact that you’re unlikely to make millions of dollars in profit on Kickstarter might seem disheartening, but don’t fret!

You don’t make money on Kickstarter, you make money WITH Kickstarter.

The best way I’ve found to explain the power of Kickstarter to non- crowdfunders is to compare it to the “Shark Tank Effect.”

 If you haven’t seen the hit show “Shark Tank,” I highly recommend watching it.

 Basically, entrepreneurs are invited to come on the show and pitch their business ideas/prototype products to a group of angel investors (most notably, Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks).

What’s incredible is that after the show, even companies that did not get deals will benefit from what is called the “Shark Tank Effect.”

The added exposure leads to sales, contacts from distributors, and more.

I believe that successful Kickstarter projects exhibit what could be coined the “Kickstarter Effect.”

From generating publicity to gathering a following, Kickstarter is an amazing tool to launch a product, attract early- adopters, and spread awareness for you and your company.

I’ve talked with creators who have met distributors through the website that want to help them sell their product and even creators who have connected with angel investors because the campaign demonstrated proof of concept and product-market fit.

The real reason that Kickstarter works so well at raising funds for both creative and startup projects is twofold.

Firstly, when a backer is pledging money to a Kickstarter campaign, they’re getting access to a whole suite of rewards or perks.

These backers are early adopters with disposable income and LOVE new technology that they can use or show off to their friends.

These backers want this product to exist in the world and are willing to help make that happen.

The second reason that backers support Kickstarter campaigns is that they genuinely like to be a part of a new movement or trend.

Think of the last time that you felt a part of a community.

How cool did that feel?

It’s a badge of honor to say that you were one of the Kickstarter backers who helped bring the Oculus Rift into existence, which was then sold to Facebook for $2 billion.

Finally, backers actually do enjoy helping both driven creative types and passionate entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

There is a tremendous sense of satisfaction knowing that it was your pledge that made all of the difference in a person’s life.

You directly helped to change their life forever!

Kickstarter isn’t about quick riches.

It isn’t about “tricking” backers in any way.

 It’s a genuine thriving community of creators and backers who are trying to bring cool new things into the world.

Give due Preference to Less Popular social media sites as well

In a lure to be visible on more popular social media sites, one shouldn’t ignore the less talked about ones.

Various start up and social media companies are emerging almost on a daily basis.

You need to identify those which can cater to your company’s vision and demographics.

It’s quite possible that such sites may not have a huge following like Facebook and Twitter, but they can certainly help in increasing your market share with potential new customers.

Highly effective tools are used by such sites which can make you more visible on the web.

The best example is of Google+ which enhances the chances of getting good ranking on Google search engine mainly in local business section due to the availability of local business listings.

#Customize your page URL

You don’t want an unprofessional page URL.

At best, you should ensure that your URL has the exact name of your page (this helps in organic search in search engines).

For instance, if your page is named Join Indie Funda, your URL should be something like

Please note that you can only change your unique address once.

Also, you cannot change the Page name when you hit 100 fans.

Tip# try to get as close to your target name as possible. We all know that there is a slight possibility that the name you want may not be available. If that happens don't worry.

For example: you wanted Project Name for your page name. You find that it is not available. If your project is a company name you can add Inc, LLC, Co, and ltd. If you are working on a film add film to the name. If your name isn't available ask your self what kind of project is this? Then add that key word to the name until you reach a name you can be happy with. 

Establish your Brand Image

The biggest challenge one faces at the beginning of marketing campaigns on social media is to ensure that the company or the brand is noticed by the potential customers.

The first step and the simplest technique is to ensure that your social media websites are well linked on your home page or any blog created by your company. 

The best part is that now the links are available in the form of buttons or logos created by the graphic designers. 

Every time you connect with your potential customers, you should be ready to talk about your social media pages in a catchy manner.

Miles Zuniga's Solo Record Campaign:

In the DailyDot Article, “The Hidden Cost of Kickstarter Success,” Fastball guitarist Miles Zuniga explained how although he raised $27,355 from 153 backers, more than $7,000 over his original goal, he forgot to account for taxes.

In short, money raised from Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platplatforms is considered to be taxable income.

At the time, Amazon Payments, which handled the credit card transactions for Kickstarter, dispersed the funds to the project creator and sent them a 1099-K, a tax form that reports “Merchant Card and Third Party Network Payments” to the IRS.

The article goes on to explain how jazz songstress Kat Edmonson, who raised $53,823 in April 2011 to fund her second album, Way Down Low, ended up burning through the money on studio and musician payments, leaving no funds to fulfill her backer’s rewards!

While yes, you may get a lump sum from Kickstarter, don’t forget that it’s taxable.

If you estimate the costs required to deliver the project incorrectly, you may end up having to dip into your own bank account to make good on the rewards you promised your backers! 

Start the Journey with Popular Social Media Platforms

Some of the most popular social media platforms nowadays include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Linkedin.

Even if you are a beginner, setting up an account on these platforms is quite simple which doesn’t need any kind of expertise.

You just need to fill a few details which generally ask for giving your name, email address, phone number and physical address.

The most important thing is to maintain patience if you are just a beginner in using social media platforms for the promotion of your business.

It may also be possible that you don’t get even a single follower on day 1.

However, you needn’t lose your confidence and keep working on achieving your goals.

A few points you need to pay attention while creating your profile or about page is that you must be highly professional in it.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat can allow you to be more conversational and less formal; however, Linkedin has to be kept professional.

The feedbacks of your customers will play a great role in building your brand image, so it is highly recommended to make good use of polls and giveaways to elicit consumer feedback.

You can also make use of blogs or articles to provide detailed information about your business and company.

This need not be mentioned that the content should be informative as well as interesting to retain the attention of the customers.

#Categorize your business wisely

This will make it a lot easier for people to search it, which means categorizing your business in the right category can make the difference between being found and being confused with another business.

For instance, if you run a bar, don’t categorize your business as concert/venue unless you are promoting concert and venues in your bar.

Also, don’t say it is a food grocery if you are running a plumbing company!

What type of platform is best for sponsors?

Crowdfunding allows you to reduce the amount of funding that you need to raise from your own professional network for a new real estate deal.

Some REC platforms will even pre-fund your deal with their own money, because they are confident in you, the deal, and the investors that they have backing projects on their platform.

The type of platform a sponsor chooses can have a lot to do with their success, and each type of platform has its own strengths and drawbacks.

Crowdstreet, for example, is an online intermediary providing sponsors with a direct relationship to investors and the option to use a white label platplatform to host your offering on your own website.

Other platforms, like Fundrise, take a more indirect approach with investors by forming an LLC and pooling investors’ money to make one investment.

In this case, the platform becomes an investment manager, keeps contact with sponsors and passes information along to investors.

These platforms generally charge additional fees for acting as the investment manager.

Different platforms also have different requirements for sponsors they are willing to work with.

Whereas Crowdstreet takes a more experience-based approach and works with sponsors with a lot of experience, other platforms may be more likely to give newer sponsors a chance (assuming they pass the required background checks, show that they can manage the property and the deal is a sound one).

Other things to consider when looking into the pros and cons of different REC platforms include partnerships with or the presence of institutional investors on the platform, which is good for ensuring stable capital.

Choosing between platforms that operate under different crowdfunding exemptions really depends on your preference and the level of reporting and disclosures that you are comfortable with.

While some platforms (like RealtyShares) have so far opted to run as a 506(b) platform to avoid burdens of having to verify investor’s accredited status, some say that if you want to reach a wider audience, then general solicitation, meaning 506(c) platforms, are the way.

Still, many of RealtyShares deals are funded in under 24 hours and they have a 98% success rate, which suggests that investors are learning about REC without the additional advertising. 

Raising Your Rank in the Search Engines

Every marketing campaign seeks to introduce as many persons to your product and business, get them to check out your website, as well as have them buy products from you.

You do all these through direct communication in social media.

But you can also do this by using your social media to increase your chances of appearing at search engines.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a fertile ground for your MLM business because they not only provide you with a platform to interact with your target audience, they can also aid you in improving your search engine rankings, and thus increase visits to your website and profiles.

Photos and images considerably affect your ranking in search engines because they attract attention more quickly than written texts can.

It is thus important that you learn how to use Instagram to boost your rankings in search engines.

Many people will actually find your website through your profile in Instagram and other social networking sites.  Images and Photos to Post Search engines will rank you better if you receive a significant number of likes and comments on your photos.

It is therefore critical that the images you post elicit interest from your audience and engage them.

First, ponder on how your photos can enrich and bring attention to your business opportunity or products.

You have to be creative because you want to be differentiated from all the rest, especially your competition.

Experiment with various kinds of images.

You can try using witty, funny, emotional, and  intriguing photos and images.

Then observe your viewers’ reactions, whether they like or comment on your photo.

This will make you realize what kind of images best suit your MLM business.


This is a very important step that every marketer must take.

You have to provide your customers with the best service possible.

This can be done only if you adopt marketing methods that are sound and allow you to connect with consumers on a large scale.

Amazon and Flipkart are the most popular ecommerce websites.

This is because they have marketed their brand names in a brilliant way.

They have advertisements that cater to different segments of society.

They start newer advertisements if they find that the older advertisements have not had the desired effect on the market.

This is because they analyze and refine their marketing strategies frequently. 

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What to Worry About When Marketing Through Mobile Phones

There are certain things that will need to be taken care of when you are marketing through mobile phones.

This post covers those worrisome things.

Calls to Action and Emails

When you use a website to market your company and its products and services, you do not have to worry about the calls to action.

You do not have to worry about the size of the files or even about the landing pages when you are only working on Internet marketing.

But when it comes to mobile devices, you have to worry about the way in which the content is viewed on the phone.

You will need to worry about the accessibility of the content on your website.

It is also important to think about how the calls to action and the emails will work on the mobile devices.


When you send the viewers an email or a message with the calls to action, you need to include the landing pages.

But when it comes to the mobile phone, you also have to worry about how the file or form will appear on the phone screen.

If you are asking the people to download the form, you will have to see how it will look on a mobile phone.


In 2011, it was stated by Video Bytemobile that close to 60 percent of the traffic on different smartphones was for videos only.

It also stated that the user accounts that mobile phone users use close to 90 percent of mobile network traffic.

This shows that a very small number of mobile phone users consume much of the mobile bandwidth.

The data mentioned above highlights some of the most critical aspects of the evolution of the mobile web.

It has been seen that the cost of consumption for mobile bandwidth will rise.

It is essential that the marketers begin to develop websites that do not consume too much mobile bandwidth.

You should not expect your consumers to stream videos with large bandwidth demands.

You have to try to provide a very short summary of the video right below the video for the consumers using cellular network connections.

If these users are connected to Wi-Fi at their homes or anywhere else, you can give them the option to download the video.

Using Instagram

People are more attracted to visuals than to written texts.

Also, people who don’t have the time to read can get the instant message that a photo conveys.

An image is able to spread awareness about a business quickly.

It is for these reasons that Instagram can be a powerful social networking tool to help you succeed in your multi-level marketing business.

So you have a better idea of how you can utilize Instagram for your multi-level marketing business, search for famous brands such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Puma, and others.

You can also search for businesses whose network marketing target audience is similar to yours and observe how they are utilizing Instagram to sell their products.

You can search for other businesses that use Instagram by writing “Instagram + any topic” into a search engine, such as Google.

 For example, if you are interested to learn about food supplements, type in “Instagram food supplements”. If you like to know about a specific brand like Coca Cola, type in “Instagram Coca Cola.”

If you desire to find out how distributors of a certain multilevel marketing company are marketing their product, type in “Instagram + Company Name”.

Your search query will give a list of links.

It will include the website address of the company’s profile page and you will see the kind of images they utilize.

You will also get a good idea which ones their followers like through the comments generated.

Also, their profile page would show you the hashtags used by them, which is something that is crucial when you post your photos.

Optimizing Content for Mobile Phones

Mobile marketing is a term that is being thrown around in many marketing circles.

But this is where most people are wrong.

They are implying different meanings when they say mobile marketing.

There may be many meanings to mobile marketing, but the primary meaning is that the business owner wants to convey a message to viewers through a mobile phone.

You will need to develop an application that is compatible with mobile phones.

It is not the same as what you would create for your website.

There are many differences that you need to know about to in order to create something that is easy to see on a phone.

When you are designing an application for mobile phones, you will need to ensure that it is relevant to your business.

You have to make enough content to support a mobile application.

It is always good to begin with SEO and email marketing before you jump into marketing through phones.

If you are in a business that is beginning to use a mobile application to market your business, you will need to see to it that your website design is easy to navigate when it is viewed on a phone.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Tips for Sponsors

REC opens up a lot of opportunities for everyone involved, including investors who never had access to these kinds of real estate investments in the past, platforms who benefit from simplifying the investing process, and sponsors, who get to raise investments faster than ever before.

Capital isn’t being provided efficiently by banks, and a lot of projects that are doing great in the REC arena would probably have never achieved the funding they needed without this new, alternative method.

Software is giving sponsors new ways of accessing stable funding in less time with fewer fees.

Crowdfunding your real estate investments also becomes a huge advantage over time.

As you complete more projects and get media coverage, your deals get funded faster.

This guide will give you information about the requirements that are needed to sponsor a REC project, the types of platforms out there, and how to get started.

The best part is that once your first project is successfully funded it becomes much easier to launch another one.

Since general solicitation bans have been lifted, sponsors now have the chance to build an online brand for themselves and investors can familiarize themselves with sponsors who have a proven track record for success.

If you’re looking to do a high volume of deals, REC is probably the best option for you.


These days you find every person, whether young or old, flaunting a new mobile phone that they have purchased, most likely from an online site.

Everyone wants to be ahead when it comes to technology.

This is a bonus to the people who want to use the social media as their means for marketing.

Verizon conducted a survey showing that over 13 million iPhones were sold in the year 2011 alone.

If you are willing to market through the Internet that is used on mobile phones, you need to consider the idea of creating entertainment.

You will have to create quality content through entertainment.

For example, consider the Australian Metro. They wanted to tell people about how to stay safe on their trains.

They created a video called “Dumb Ways to Die.” This video is hilarious and entertaining but it helps establish the importance of staying safe in train stations.

You will need to come up with innovative ideas to get people to view your advertisements on their mobile phones.

Create Your Own Facebook Group

It is also important that you create your own Facebook Group to expose your friends and contacts to your business opportunity and products.

Go to the “My Groups” page and click “Create a New Group”.

Choose a Group Name and write your Group Description.

Under the Group Description, write a brief description of the opportunity and your personal reasons for joining.

Be careful that you do not sell the opportunity.

Just be honest about why you think it’s a great opportunity.

Add a good photo or image.

Then you can start to click the “Invite People to Join”

link found on the right side of the page.

Click on the name of the person you want to join.

Don’t forget to send a brief personal message.

Then click “Send Invitations”.

This group page will enable you to have discussions with members of the group.

Constantly monitor the activity on this page and answer any questions that the group members may have.

Post information on your products as well as give insights and strategies on how to recruit others.

You can assume that most members in this group are interested in your business. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have joined the group.

Paint a Picture of Your Lifestyle for Your Friends

When your friends check your page you want them to think how you’re able to do what you’re doing.

You can post a picture of you with your laptop in the park Monday morning with a comment “Just another Monday morning”.

Or when you go to your company convention take lots of pictures and you can post “Partying with game changers!”

These things get your friends thinking and wanting to learn more.

Don’t lie, and definitely don’t be posting up pictures of Ferraris, private jets, and mansions.

That just looks too fake and makes them think, “what get rich quick scam are they in?”

Post Your Website or Blog on Your Wall To increase traffic to your website or blog, you need to advertise this on Facebook.

But don’t just post the link—say something about it.

You can write a testimonial sharing your experience or insights about your business or give a brief background on what can be found in your link.

This way, people can locate your website and visit it if they are interested.

Be sure to post this link between 9 am and 9 pm in the time zone of your targeted audience as these are the peak hours of Facebook.

You can post this link once a day, but delete any previous post so that your wall doesn’t appear desperate or spammy. You can also post your link in network marketing groups.

Build a Relationship with Your Facebook Friends First

It is important that before you promote your company, you establish some sort of relationship with your Facebook friends.

People wouldn’t trust a person whom they barely know.

Thus, you must first have credibility, and you can earn this by having personal relationships with your potential recruits and network.

Always send out birthday greetings to everyone on your Facebook list.

It’s such a small gesture but it goes a long way in them remembering the gesture and remembering you.

If you don’t believe this try doing it today until your own birthday and see how many more people wish you Happy Birthday compared to the previous year.

Wishing people a happy birthday can also spark up a conversation because they’ll likely send you a message thanking you.


Step 1: Open up the app “Contacts” or “Address Book”.

Step 2: Click File on the top of the screen and then click New Group.

Step 3: Type in the desired “Group name” and click Enter.

Step 4: To add contacts to your group, go to “All Contacts” and highlight all contacts you wish to add, then drag them to the desired group.

Best places for REC investments

Some experts have found that there are higher return rates in the Mid-West and other less populated markets.

Others have found that places like Vegas often have a lot of foreclosures, which opens up a lot of opportunities (as Dolf de Roos explains in 52 Homes in 52 Weeks).

When it comes to real estate investing, investors must also decide between local investments and cross country investments.

Both of these options have pros and cons, and like most other things, this depends greatly on the unique circumstances of the investor.

For example, some investors like the idea of investing in their own communities.

In this way, they can ‘own’ a part of where they live.

Their investments become a source of pride as well as a source of income.

There are platforms, like Fundrise, that are built specifically around these ideas and others that operate in specific states only.

Some platforms, on the other hand, are focused on facilitating REC opportunities on a global level.

These platforms allow even in international investors to participate in deals, and encourage investors from anywhere to participate in large investments.

These investments are common, but might be best for investors who want to silently participate in a deal and don’t feel the need to be close to the property to invest confidently.


Step 1: Click the Contacts tab on the left side.

Step 2: Click New List on top of page under the search bar.

Step 3: Type in the desired name for the list. Add contacts to the list and, when done, click “Add List.”

Find Targeted Friendships

You would want to include in your circle of friends those that share your interests.

You can do this by using the Search tool of Facebook and typing in keywords such as business professionals, entrepreneurs, business opportunities, and home-based business.

From the search results, select a group that has the largest membership.

Read the group description and post your affiliate link or website.

Above the wall of the group, you can find thumbnail photos of the group members.

Click “See All” and choose someone whom you want to “Add as Friend”.

Send ten friend requests a day.

But before you do, be sure to send a brief message.

Again, once they accept, send a thank you message. 

Facebook Page

To get started, simply create a Business Facebook Fan page for your business then invite your friends to like your page, join groups that have interests in your products or business, post all your offers in that page and make your customers to visit that page.

Well, since it isn’t as obvious as it sounds, let me take you through the business page creation process:

Step one: create a new page (Please note that you can only create a page when you are already a Facebook user so if you don’t have an account, please create one. You can use your personal account if you want this account to act as the admin account for that page).

The process is pretty straightforward. However, here are some things to note that will make the difference between a killer page and one that is not:

#Fill all the fields Make sure you fill everything that needs to be filled including your contact, website (if any), page description, etc.

The page description also helps in organic search and Facebook’s search so ensure that you use some descriptive keywords just to make it easier for people to find you. However, don’t stuff the keywords!

Using Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network there is, so it’s important that you have a Facebook account.

However, a lot of people on Facebook are annoyed by marketing posts, so you must be careful that you do not turn your posts into spam.

You can do this by simply sharing your thoughts and experiences related to your business and products and not sell to people the opportunity.

People are interested in your experiences and insights, not in what you have to sell. They will more likely accept your friend requests if you post interesting ideas.

A good example of a post is this:

“I’ve been involved in a lot of social marketing in the past but haven’t really earned anything. I am happy that I’ve finally found a company that helps ordinary people like me earn residual in income. Glad to have joined the group.”

This would intrigue other people about your company and perhaps make them comment on your post which would get a conversation going.

You can also tag your colleagues in your post so that they can comment and share their own experiences and feelings.

This would let others know the impact of your business on others and maybe even convince them to join your company.

Facebook works incredibly well for network marketing companies that sell vitamins, specifically a product that helps people lose weight.

If you post a picture of someone in your company that’s lost a lot of weight on your product you’ll get a lot of people liking and commenting on that photo.

When these people like or comment these photos don’t start selling to them right away how great your product is.

Engage them in normal conversation and let the conversation flow to wherever it goes.

It’s the same for people that liked your photo you can shoot them a simple message

 “Hey (name). I was looking at the photo that I posted of my friend (name) and saw your name. I haven’t heard from you in years. How’s it going?”

Add Personal Friends and New Friends I’m sure you heard it before; everyone you’ve ever met should be on your list.

So we’re going to expand on that sentence, everyone you’ve ever met should be on your Facebook Friends List.

From this day forward every new contact you make should be your Facebook friend.

This post is about Network Marketing for Social Media but you still can’t forget to go out in the real world and talk to people.

If you meet someone at a networking event, a party, or work function get their card and add them to your Facebook list.

You can add your friends on Facebook using the Find Friends tool bar.

Type in your friend’s email address and then send them a Friend Request.

Then you can expand your network by clicking on the “Suggestions” link in your Facebook homepage.

Send a maximum of 10 Friend Requests per day.

When they’ve accepted your requests, don’t forget to send them a short thank you message.


Step 1: Click dropdown menu in top left corner.

Step 2: Click People option.

Step 3: Click dropdown menu on the top by “New.”

Step 4: Click “New group.”

Step 5: Click Group name and Add members and then click “Save” on the bottom when you’re finished adding all members.

Take Help of an Expert

Sometimes, our confidence in thinking that we will be able to manage everything on our own can prove fatal in gaining long term returns.

Though we are smart enough and can even work more than 70 hours a week, there are many other things which a person still needs to learn and master over.

Social media is not that difficult to gain mastery, but it certainly needs a significant time to be spent on it if one’s business expectations and growth are related to it.

If you really want to gain excellence in your business with social media campaigns, and you think you can neither devote so much time, nor you have that expertise, it is always better to hire a consultant who can provide optimum help.

It has been proven time and again how effective a consultant can be in helping you to manage your time, money, process as well as the deliverables.


Based on a survey conducted by Ask Your Target Market, about 42% of people who use Twitter do so to follow companies or brands.

And since you're a businessperson who is looking to market your business over social media, that's great news!

Next only to Facebook, Twitter is the second largest social media site in terms of users with over 646 million users as of 25 September 2015, according to

And when you look at it, it's even larger than the population of most countries in the world.

It offers a tremendously diverse and far-reaching group of people you can market to, and unlike the denizens of Facebook, many Twitter users actually want to be marketed to.

As such, Twitter can be another excellent social media platform to market your products or services.

Compared to Facebook, Twitter is considered to be a micro-blogging website, i.e., you can only post updates that are at most 140 characters long.

Initially, this limit was intended to make it compatible with most mobile phones and text messaging services.

Since then, it has evolved into a somewhat useful and practical feature for sending and receiving concise and quick information among many people.

This might make you feel restrained, but there is a lot you can do to gain attention, and you can say more than you'd imagine in 140 characters.

Using Twitter can help you market your product or services over social media by among other things: -Developing productive relationships with bloggers and journalists for PR; -Enhancing your industry expertise and thought leadership reputation; -Promoting your product or service’s upcoming activities or events; -Helping you find out how people think and feel about your product or service; -Engaging your product or service’s customer base; and -Growing your brand.

What Makes Kickstarter Work SO Well

I’m not going to bore you and go over the entire history of Kickstarter or Indiegogo. However, it is important that you understand why Kickstarter works so well, the basic components of a Kickstarter campaign, and some of the common misconceptions out there about the website.

After going through this post, you’ll have a clear idea of what you need to do to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign.

In my future posts, I’ll delve more in-depth into the actual strategy for a campaign launch, along with some fundraising hacks that not many people know about.

Lesson #1:

Do You Want Quick Riches?

Do want to make money FAST?
Do you want to GET RICH QUICK?

Imagine receiving thousands and thousands of dollars in funds from strangers online!

Wouldn’t it feel like you’ve hit the jackpot?

Unfortunately, the idea of quick riches and internet fame has gotten people thinking…hey…maybe I should launch a Kickstarter campaign!

I can build such and such a widget for X dollars and sell it for Y. Better yet!

I can take a product that already exists and essentially run a pre-order campaign for it.

The reality:

Kickstarter is not a something for nothing community. While yes, you can raise funds on the platform, you must also ship out “perks” or “rewards.”

You must have a high quality prototype, and you must have a compelling vision for the future.

When you set up a Kickstarter campaign, you’ll be creating:

A pitch video, which explains the project for which you’re raising funds.

Campaign text, which further expands on your project.

A fundraising duration, during which time you can accept funds for the project.

A fundraising goal, or the amount of money that you need to complete the project.

Perks or rewards, which backers have access to when they pledge money to your campaign.

We’ll be going into each of these components of a Kickstarter campaign, along with others, but for now I want you to take away one thing.

After you raise money, you’re going to have to ship out all of the rewards that your backers have “claimed.”

There is a financial and time-related cost to fulfilling these rewards.

You’re not just getting free money.

By focusing on delivering real value to the community and making an incredible experience for your backers, you can create a launch pad that will enable you to raise funds and achieve your future dreams, whether that be wealth, fame, or making a dent in the universe.

Before I reveal the secret as to how, let’s take a look at some realistic expectations for post-Kickstarter earnings.

Below, I’ve included an example of how much a Kickstarter campaign raised and actually netted (profit).

Amanda Palmer’s Campaign:

Amanda Palmer is famous in crowdfunding circles for raising over 1 million on Kickstarter from 24,883 backers for her music project.

However, just because she raised a large amount of money via crowdfunding does not mean that this lump sum translated into massive profits.

In total, she ended up raising $1,192,793 on Kickstarter.

But, there were costs after that huge financial raise.

The cost of manufacturing goods $105,000: 7,000+ high-end CD-books & thank you cards cost about $15 a package to manufacture and ship.

$30,000: 1,500+ vinyls & cards, at about $20 to manufacture & ship $80,000: 2,000+ art books (bearing in mind the shipping on those, every time they need to be shipped from the plant, to the distributor, to the backer, plus the signing).

$15-20k: Payment for design team to actually design rewards and make it awesome.

$30k: Neil and Kyle books about $300/copy for about 100 copies.

$15k: 100 turntable packages: ordering the tables, paying the artists to paint them, shipping all that stuff around.

$10k: Band tour.

$10k: House party tour.

$20-25k: Visual artists.

$150,000 of the Kickstarter money went to the commission pile.

(Staff, Laywer fees, Business Manager)

$100k: Music Videos

$75-100L Kickstarter & Amazon expenses.

Amanda is quoted as saying, “If we keep our expenses down, and keep the tour pretty practical and the video budget way down, I could probably put $100k of this in the bank personally.

Which would be great, but I might just be close to zero as I head off on tour this fall.” After all of the expenses, the campaign would have an estimated 8% profit.

If any of the estimated costs were larger than expected, this profit would quickly erode.

In my experience, it’s rare that costs actually end up being less than you estimate.

At best case, you may make a small profit on Kickstarter, but this could easily be chewed up if costs are more than you expected.

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If you want to maximize your market reach as well as Facebook's features, you'll need to understand some of the best Facebook marketing practices.

While these aren't necessarily hard and fast rules, following these practices can significantly improve your product or service’s ability to engage customers on Facebook.

And remember what I kept on repeating earlier, that social media marketing is primarily about engagement?

If you go out and study the Facebook pages of many of the world's most popular brands, one glaring thing you’ll notice is that they hardly ever sell directly to followers nor do they preach to them.

Instead, they engage. It also happens that people are a lot more intelligent these days such that they can immediately smell if you're just trying to sell to them or if you're sincerely and genuinely engaging them.

Always keep in mind that Facebook is a social network first and foremost, and it’s not sales and marketing network.

People want friendliness, respect, and inclusion- they are on Facebook to socialize and to have fun, not to repeatedly listen to and ultimately reject ill-advised sales pitches.

Engage them, involve them, and they will reward you for it.

Give them a generic advertisement and watch your prospects fizzle.

The choice here is clear.

Thomas Meloche and Perry Marshall, in their book Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, discussed how different Facebook marketing is from traditional advertising, whether it's online or on print, by using a front porch story or analogy, which goes something like this:

Imagine a town square and you live in that area.

Imagine further that your house features a front porch where you enjoy watching people pass and cultivate many beautiful plants.

There days when you’re enjoying watching people pass by and drinking from a pitcher of cold lemonade that some of those people notice your front porch’s beautiful plants and approach you to ask how you keep them looking beautiful.

You offer them seats on your porch and give them glasses of cold lemonade while explaining the general principles for keeping your plants beautiful and healthy.

Some of those people become so interested in plant cultivation because of your sharing that they’d be willing to spend money just to have a day with you and learn the finer details of how you grow and keep plants beautiful.

You take them up on their offer and spend the next day teaching them how you do it.

In that example, did you observe any explicit or direct attempts to sell anything on your porch?

How about any implicit attempts to promote a horticulture seminar?

That's right, none!

And in a nutshell, that's how you do Facebook marketing.

Any selling is done only within the framework of relationships and personal connections.

As I always say, it's about engagement.

A very good way for you to engage people on Facebook is by posting helpful tips or links to articles that they’ll like and share as well as by asking relevant questions.

When your posts focus on your audience, their needs, and their interests, you develop relationships, which is the single biggest reason for the existence of social media.

People want to view you, more or less, as another of their friends.

It pays to talk to them accordingly.

Helpful tips on things they might want or need is great, upselling them things is not.

Focus on your customer's happiness over your own success, and you'll wind up fulfilling both goals.

And as the preceding porch story has shown, sales can just be a result of such relationships.

Another great way to engage your prospects and customers on Facebook is by consistently posting unique and quality content every day.

Although it may seem quite cumbersome to do it at such frequency because of very busy schedules, posting such content less frequently increases the risk of your target audience missing some of your important posts because over time, they tend to follow and like more and more Facebook pages.

And these “new” likes and follows will compete for their social media attention and engagement.

When they miss more of your posts and see more of others’, their interest in yours starts to dwindle and in others to increase – and there goes your prospects and sales leads.

If you are short on time, keep in mind that such posts don't have to be long.

Aim to make them eye catching and interesting.

Try to include content that stands out amongst a sea of other posts, no matter how daunting that may seem. Keep in mind the interests of your target audience- your posts certainly won't sway everyone on Facebook, but they don't have to for you to succeed.

Catch and hold the attention of the customers you want with attentive engagement and quality posts and you'll have loyal clients for as long as you maintain your activity.

Several studies recommend posting 3 to 5 times daily on Facebook for optimal engagement with prospects and customers.

However, each and every situation is different and as such, I recommend that sensible and strategic experimentation to see which will work best for your business.

Make a goal that works for you, be it once a day or ten times daily.

Just aim to be consistent and post regularly to keep people looking forward to seeing what you have to say.

Lastly, you should keep your posts fun and interesting.

Remember, a big chunk of successful engagement is having fun so keep your posts helpful, interesting and light as much as possible.

No one wants to be overwhelmed with heavy, difficult content in their free time.

Informative entertainment, ideally with pictures, videos, or other visually compelling additions makes for an ideal goal that will catch and hold the attention of your target market, leading to eventual conversions.


Viralheat has proved to be highly effective in analyzing over 600 data points which provide information on social media trends.

It includes all the social media network giants like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, videos, blogs and websites.

Viralheat also helps in identifying relevant keywords which can be used for making one’s marketing goal stronger.

Sentimental trend reporting is also done by this tool which can help you to know how a particular content goes down your target audience.

It also efficiently identifies high activity times, filter mentions, response times, trending content by geographic region.

You can get to know about the latest trends for your brand and can filter the best based on the needs of your brand and the interest of the target audience.

It has been noticed that people who are not that tech savvy are afraid of using social media platforms, especially for business purposes as they think that their inefficiency in the usage of tools deter them from taking help of social media giants.

However, it is not that complicated as thought by non-technical people.

In fact, anyone holds the ability to master social media platforms for growing one’s business with just a little keenness about different tools and give some time to practice. 

How to stay protected and avoid fraud

One of the biggest challenges of REC is to educate the population about these great new investment opportunities while effectively communicating the risk involved.

Investors need to be ready to do due diligence before coming to a decision, including: getting legal advice and making sure that they are dealing with sponsors who have a proven track record.

The highest quality platforms and sponsors make all of the information you need to make a good investment decision transparent and easy to understand.

So far it seems like users are taking their time after joining these platforms before jumping into any investments, which suggests that they understand the risks involved and want to make sure that REC is not too good to be true.

At the same time, you should go to lengths to do your own research.

Don’t simply rely on the research team of the REC platform or the “social proof” given by other investors.

The number of years a sponsor has been in business, how many deals they have done and the money they have transacted all point towards their track record and whether or not investing with them is a good choice.

Inexperienced investors may not have what it takes to manage a property well or may not have values that are aligned with their investors, meaning your money is likely more at risk with them.

Personally, we believe that three of the biggest risks for real estate crowdfunding investors are the concepts of “social proof,” “urgency,” and “expert authority.”

Although these are effective mechanisms to sell investments on behalf of the actual REC website and the sponsor, they can lead to unwise choices for investors.

Just because a deal has a great number of investors or talented investors with a proven track record does NOT mean that it is a good deal.

There are countless examples of smart, educated, “proven” investors going belly up on deals throughout their career.

In addition, you can be a complete fool and still make money in a bull market.

Social proof is a good filter that you can use to pay attention to certain deals, but don’t use it as the deciding factor.

Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

Don’t let your emotions crowd out logic.

Second, the fact that there is a limited time to get in on a REC investment often times will create a sense of urgency, which can crowd out logical judgements.

While you should get to work as soon as possible when evaluating a deal, try to adopt the mindset that you have as much time in the world to make this decision.

Remember that these investments are illiquid, so you will be faced with the positive or negative consequences of your decision for some time to come.

Finally, since the REC platform often times serves as the deal making middleman who may have curated these specific opportunities, it’s easy to assign a status of “expert” to their team and marketplace.

It’s also easy to assume that the actual platform has far more knowledge than you do about real estate investing and crowdfunding in general.

Sometimes, this is an acceptable assumption to make, but other times, it can lead to poor investment decisions simply because you were subtly influenced by the opinions or passive suggestions of an individual or team with “expert” status.