Friday, February 10, 2017

Best Ways to Use Snapchat for Business

Wondering how to use the latest launched social networking site Snapchat for growing your business and the promotion of your products.

This application can help you with business growth and product promotion, but also helps in striking a deeper connection with your followers.

It can also help you in attaining increased loyalty of the customers, engaged fan following and work a great deal in boosting your brand visibility.

Snapchat can help you build an engaged following, increase loyalty, and boost your brand visibility.

Reveal the Backstage Happenings

McDonald showed the world what happens behind the beautifully laid out tables and how its tempting dishes are prepared at the launch of the new bacon clubhouse sandwich.

It was also posted on Twitter which achieved a great fan following. The same philosophy can be applied with Snapchat.

You can lure your customers by showing the happenings behind the scenes. Every buyer enjoys knowing the growth story behind your company and also helps in growing your business.

Go in Favor of an Account Takeover

The Snapchat campaign launched by the young women’s clothing retailer Wet Seal was quickly taken over by a Snapchatter named MsMeghanMakeup.

With over 300,000 followers, Meghan’s influence was quickly felt over Wet Seal’s campaign.

It gave the clothier to 9,000 connections in two weeks and the holiday ‘story’ got over 250,000 views.

The brand also became the winner of the 6th Annual Shorty Awards in which company with the best performance in social media is awarded.

To make your presence felt, you can also support an influential Snapchat user to take over your account.

No need to worry if you do not have connections with a huge number of followers as even local authorities with just hundreds or thousands of fans can help to a great extent in improving your Snapchat reach.

Sharing Promo Codes By using Snapchat’s instant photo feature, Frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles amassed followers and promoted their frozen treats.

Not only this, but they also became the first brand to have used Snapchat for coupon offers.

Learning a good tactic from this, you can also get your followers engaged with Snapchat-exclusive coupon codes or other exclusive promos.

If you make it a source of enjoyment for others, nobody can stop your business from growing.

So, always try to mingle fun while getting your brand or business promoted.

Offer VIP Access

If we look at the past, several weeks were spent in getting photos from New York Fashion Week to reach the desk of consumers.

Now, the scene has completely changed as with Snapchat; followers can watch the fashion shows almost instantly.

So, by using the Snapchat feature, you can let your followers enjoy a VIP look at your events and promotions.

In fact, they would love it as rarely anyone gets a chance to attend such events personally.

It’s certainly a simple way to blow new life to established events and present them in a more fascinating manner.

Attribute Your Followers Mobile and online food ordering brand GrubHub launched its first Snapchat campaign in 2013 and also reached until the final round in the 7th Annual Shorty Awards.

For this, they showcased their own weekly content and stories collected from various user-generated content, promotions and giveaways. The brand experienced a 20% increase in the number of its followers after launching the Snapchat giveaway.

The campaign also led to its Wall Street debut in a public offering. So, rise above from making your Snapchat only dedicated to yourself.

Post feed about your followers, make them feel valuable and also engage them in the process of content creation for your Snapchat page.

Demonstrate Your Product

One of the world’s biggest online retailers, Amazon, used Snapchat effectively to give a personality as well as voice to Alexa, which was later launched as the company’s female-voiced Echo speaker.

By using social media efficiently, Amazon used Snapchat to give a clear view of the product as well as to promote Echo.

This campaign proved successful, and Amazon got 6,100 mentions in merely four hours.

So, if you want to promote new products of your brand, you can use Snapchat to offer detailed guidance to the new customers.

You can also use snapchat for introducing new products as well as engaging with the potential customers.

Do Partnership with Influencers

Doing partnership with an influencer whose fan following base is quite similar to yours can be effectively used for sharing snaps which coincide with your brand’s image.

It helps in making the task easier as well as in gaining more connections as you get to share more relevant snaps.

Focus on Relevant Issues

The famous soap brand Dove was primarily loved by older women until it started engaging younger women using Snapchat.

In a campaign launched by Dove, 30 women chatted with psychologists and other ambassadors for a period of half an hour on Snapchat to discuss their views about self-esteem issues in order to help in enhancing the self-images of the young women.

The snaps taken as a result earned the brand 75 conversations and 130,000 views. After this, Dove started giving importance to both the engagement that is of the young women as well as the old women.

It shows how Snapchat can also help in highlighting the real issues faced by us as authenticity plays a pivotal role on this social network.

Pay Attention to Exclusive Previews

As per a report published by Business Insider, the famous brand Acura used Snapchat to make customers fascinated for its racecar-like NSX.

An exclusive preview of the new car was sent by the automobile manufacturer to its 100 followers using Snapchat.

Those followers got the 6-second amazing video of the speeding luxury car. This initiative on Snapchat made Acura named a finalist in the 6th Annual Shorty Awards.

But the car also created a lot of interest among the customers and later similar campaigns repeated by the brand on Instagram, Twitter and Vine.

In a similar way, any company can reward its flowers or top customers using Snapchat.

Sharing such exclusive information only with a limited number of people always raises the curiosity ephemeral nature of Snapchat makes it a wonderful option for the advertisement of limited time events.

So, go ahead and make it a part of your next event to gain maximum publicity. The above facts have given an amazing set of examples to understand how Snapchat can be effectively used for the growth of one’s business or marketing one’s products and services. 


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