Wednesday, February 8, 2017


As mentioned earlier, the secret to successful social media marketing campaigns is engagement.

Your business websites’ visits are important only to the extent that they provide opportunities to engage people with your products or services.

Even if you have leads, they’ll just go cold if you don't engage them. And when it comes to successfully engaging your prospects, nothing else can be more helpful than providing high quality and unique content.

Such content can steer readers to think about or even provoke them to give their two cents worth either by commenting on the content, liking it or sharing it with others.

If you can master the art of getting your readers to take such actions, they are effectively promoting your content and your business for you, which is a surefire way to gain new customers and ensure the continued loyalty of the old.

As such, content is truly king. It can also pay to follow trends. While content always needs to be high quality and engaging, spur of the moment ideas passed on what is current and fresh can be pulled off to great effect with a bit of effort.

Monitor what goes on in the news and what would be relevant to your industry and target market, and be sure to seize the opportunity to present spontaneous content when a good moment arises.

This will show your consumers that you are modern, technologically savvy, and up to date on events and trends going on around us.

In doing so, the content you post will seem new and interesting, and will, therefore, make potential customers want to look into it more than they otherwise might.

Do be cautious when referencing current events, though. While witty or informative comments that promote your brand can be very compelling and entertaining, it would behoove you to learn from the mistakes of others and avoid referencing tragedies and other devastating events in a light hearted, good natured manner.

When a mishap like this occurs, it can, depending on the severity, go viral, and that makes for very negative publicity.

If this should happen to your business at any time, the best thing you can usually do is apologize and ensure your clients that such a mistake will not happen again.

But with a bit of foresight, you can ensure content that is likely to be viewed as insensitive is simply never posted to begin with.

At the end of the day, always be sure your posts are respectful and well thought out to avoid having to recover from such a travesty in the first place.


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