Sunday, February 26, 2017


Unlike in Google and other search engines where you can only target someone based on his or her search preferences, Facebook allows you to target your audience (if you use paid search) with great precision.

For instance, you can target audience in terms of gender, age, location, apps, mobile device use, education, life events, interests, travel, likes and purchase behavior with utmost precision, which simply means that there will be a high conversion rate.

This is simply because Facebook users unknowingly or knowingly build a very comprehensive profile about themselves making it a lot easier to target them with pinpoint precision.

No other platform, online or offline provides such targeting precision.

If you are using paid advertising on Facebook, you could easily target audience that has similar characteristics as your existing audience, which simply means that the conversions will definitely be higher if your existing audience has had good success.

You could for instance target lookalike websites, lookalike pages, lookalike mobile app users, and lots of other lookalikes!

This ultimately means greater marketing ease and ease of audience expansion.

I know you know the limitless potential that Facebook provides to your business but what has been preventing you from taking advantage of Facebook to market your business fully is lack of knowledge on how to do it right.

In simple terms, you are asking, “How can I effectively market by business or increase my brand visibility through Facebook?”

Here is how:

As we know, Facebook is not only used for chatting; it allows you to upload photos, videos, share the links, share the feelings, and share the interests just to mention a few.

If I am a customer interested in buying a particular product that your business is selling, I will probably first check what others are saying about the product or your business.

I will then go on to check reviews, ratings and anything else that would help me make an informed decision on the subject matter.

In that case, if you create a centralized hub for your business in Facebook, don’t you think people will find it easier to access all that information in just one place?

You can even be answering all questions or concerns that your target audience might have to make it easier for others to make decisions in future.

In simple terms, you might not need to be answering the same questions over and over again when you have a central page on Facebook since people can always read responses relating to various issues that others have had.


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