Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Posting pictures of the people behind your products and services on Instagram, you “humanize” your business by allowing your followers to see the hands and faces behind the inanimate objects they are following on Instagram.

Social media in all of its many forms depends, primarily, on connecting with our fellow human beings.

Let your potential customers see you as you work, and witness the hands-on, emotional, relatable side of your business, as opposed to just the end result they so commonly see.

 Humanizing your products and services allows your followers to connect with your business on a deeper level and increases their chances of becoming hot leads and eventually, customers.

You can also draw in more prospects and leads by featuring pictures that show how your products are created and packaged or how your services are rendered.

The point of doing this is to make your followers more familiar with your brand and as they become so, the more likely they can become leads and customers.

If they understand more of how your process works from the start, they are more likely to trust and rely on your products and in doing so, they will become to rely on your business as well.

Most people are naturally curious and knowing what goes into the creation of items they enjoy can make them feel more bonded to such items, as well as offering them reassurance that the methods you claim to use are every bit as ethical as you suggest, gaining you additional trust and loyalty.

Just don’t give too much “details” to prevent your competition from spying on you and undercutting you.

Lastly, use originally unique and catchy #hashtags, which is Instagram’s most effective marketing tactic.

Using such can help your brand become more visible to more people, which can lead to more prospects, leads and consequently sales.


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