Friday, March 3, 2017

Brand Your Twitter page

When you create a Twitter page for your business, it is important that the account handle be easily recognized even without its name being visible.

Follow these simple steps to set up your business Twitter profile:

1.    Upload your business logo as the profile avatar.

If you offer a profession service, e.g., medical consultancy, consider using a professional photo of yourself, especially if you will use Twitter to provide professional advice.

2.    Upload a relevant header image.

The larger banner image on your profile page should have the same theme as your website’s header image.

3.    Come up with a good 160-word bio text that will appear on the preview image alongside the Twitter handle, header image, profile image and external link to your website.

If the business has a good slogan or motto, this is the best place to apply it.

Once you fill out all the relevant information on your Twitter profile, the page should be sleek and clean and should showcase your business or products nicely at a glance.

The objective here is to attract the attention of potential followers and make it easy for them to identify the page without necessarily viewing the whole profile.

While creating a professional and attractive profile is the first step in mastering marketing on Twitter, it is by no means the primary way to draw followers. 


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