Friday, March 3, 2017

Build a Network of Followers

Your first followers on Twitter will be people and businesses that you have interacted with via email.

Twitter will prompt you to import your contacts automatically and find them on Twitter.

You can easily find this tool on the “#Discover” link on top of the Twitter page and under it, “Find Friends.” You can easily look up contacts from popular email services, including AOL, Yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail.

Select the contacts you want to follow, or simply click on “Follow All.” When you follow a contact on Twitter, they will be notified that you have followed them, and some will follow back.

You can build your Twitter fan base by first following profiles of interest.

Be mindful when following Twitter users because mass following of people within a short time may cause your account to get flagged as a spammer, and it might get suspended.

As a general rule, you must be observant of whom you follow on Twitter.

As a business account, you should follow these rules:

1.    Other businesses dealing in your industry or niche.

2.    Businesses that operate in your neighborhood or city, or within your area of influence.

3. Local small business organizations and media.

4.    Bloggers who regularly publish posts about your industry or products.

5. Industry publications and organizations.

Do not follow random potential customers, especially if you do so with the hope of getting follow-backs.

Instead, it is a good idea to follow people and organizations that you can build relationships with.

For instance, if you are a professional photographer, you can follow a local musician or wedding planning company because the relationship might benefit you.

If you have a great Twitter profile, the people you follow will eventually come to you.

Establishing such a relationship is not easy, but when you contribute to sharing content through retweeting and offering useful information, links, special content, and a laugh every now and then, they will find you, retweet you, message you, and even mention you in tweets. 


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