Friday, March 3, 2017

Build Your Own WordPress Website

The Internet is one of the most powerful tools in promoting a network marketing business.

Well, it has an advantage over traditional advertising with its global reach, apart from allowing marketers to work at the comfort of their own homes.

To be successful in maintaining the flow of networking leads, an online marketer must be proficient with Internet Marketing.

Using the internet as a tool to grow your business affords you the ability to never run out of people to talk to.

If you don’t believe this just go check out Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and look at the number of people you can promote your business to that you don’t know.

There’s no reason a person can’t succeed in their network marketing company if they know how to leverage the internet to build their organization.

An online campaign starts with having your own website as this will be your point of sale on the web.

Buy your own domain name and host your site on reliable hosting companies so you can have full control of the contents and features.

At any time you may think of incorporating a new functionality, you have the freedom to do so.

Your online presence is a critical aspect of your business as it gives you the much needed credibility you will need to succeed online.

Just like you won’t be an instant superstar in your network marketing company, it’s the same with your online presence.

The more quality you have out there online and the longer you have that online presence the more credible you’ll appear to your audience.

WordPress is recommended when choosing which software to build your website.

Why? It offers thousands of custom made themes that you can easily tweak to fit your requirements.

More than that, WordPress offers highly customizable tools useful to marketing such as SEO and Social Media plugins.

WordPress is the most popular software for starting a website because of its ease of use and flexibility you get from them.

With limited knowledge on web design you can make a very professional looking website in a few hours.

It’s also quite easy to maintain and make any necessary modifications you might need over the lifetime of your website.

By default, WordPress posts have a comments box at the end where you can engage your readers.

Make the email and name fields “required” before they can post comments, so you get their contact information.

These email addresses will quickly add-up to your list of possible network representatives.

Also, you can choose to approve submitted comment before they show up, so you can filter out any comments that you don’t want to be seen.

Make sure to have a good number of testimonials throughout your site to promote your business opportunity or product.

You need to show to your prospects the benefits other people are getting from being a part of your network marketing company.

 If you’re able to provide testimonials that are more than just text (audio, video, photos) that will stand out a lot more and increase your conversion rate.

Your website should also include your physical address, contact options, and the persons behind your business, About Your Company (Vision and Mission), Privacy Policy and a Site Map.

A site map is a basic categorical list of pages that are part of a website, similar to a directory.

It functions the same as the Table of Contents of a book by helping your visitors and Search Engines navigate through all your pages easily.

WordPress has a number of different types of plugins you can choose for making a sitemap.

If you’re new to all of this you might want to get a friend to help you in this process or even consider hiring a web designer to build your website.

You’ll find many of them around just look for references and ask to see some of their work.

Don’t hire a web designer based on price as low price will show in their low quality work.


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