Friday, March 3, 2017

Build Your Social Media Network

The SEs are going towards the trend of adapting the social media framework as more and more people are using social media.

Google at present even discounts meta-keywords, and instead gives more weight to how many sites mention another website; an indication that they are going to a direction of becoming more relative to social-media.

The more the interactions you get involved over the web, the better the image you will have in the eyes of Google.

Google often disregards links from social networking sites (nofollow) and does not count for SEO.

However, it is going to be one of the best sources of referral traffic to your sign-up page.


Facebook has more than a billion registered users and could even surpass Google in daily page views.

Think of it like this: If you can corner 1% of this 1 billion into your network marketing organization, that is 10 million emails.

Aside from the usual personal profile building offered by Facebook, you are also able to create a page or a Group representing your business.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see that Facebook is your site’s top referrer of visitors.

Indeed, it is one of the most effective mediums for marketing your business opportunity.


Twitter uses small sets of text called tweets (max of 140 characters) to share ideas to followers.

It is a good place to share marketing links and promos to spread the word and can even go viral.


LinkedIn is like a Facebook for professionals.

It’s where professionals go to network with other like-minded professionals.

Let’s say your network marketing company offers a nutritional product.

You can link with other people in the nutrition industry and build on relationships with these people.


Instagram is definitely more of a younger crowd but you can generate a lot of leads with Instagram as it’s getting bigger and bigger.

It’s largely all about photo content on the site but photo testimonials can be huge for your business.

If your company has a weight loss product you can post a lot of before and after pictures on Instagram.

You can also take pictures of living the great lifestyle and take pictures when you go on trips.


Although YouTube is video-focused, its features like suggesting users to share videos by embedding them to other websites makes the site also a form of social media.

Viral videos reaching millions of views carry the same traffic and value as a written piece visited by millions.

As with other so social media, your YouTube user picture should be a clear picture of you or your company logo.


Digg is a social news aggregator that selects trending issues of social interest and feeds them to its users.

Google Plus

Google+ is Google’s version of social media, but unlike other networking sites, it focuses more on identity service and associating web content to its author, and the site ranks 2nd to Facebook in terms of number of active monthly visits among the social media.

So what should you be doing on these social media sites?

You want to get away from the spammy sales pitch that so many network marketers are doing.

When you know enough people in the industry you’ll see people message things like “Just met Mr. X who’s a millionaire in my company.

If you want to quit your job and become a millionaire send me a message”.

You want to stay as far away from that as possible.

Instead you want to build relationships, tell a story, and help people.

Let’s take the above “sales pitch” and modify it into a story.

You can post a photo having a drink with Mr. X. On the photo post “Having a drink with Mr. X! His story is so inspiring how he used to work 60 hours a week never seeing his family.

Now he doesn’t work and just travels the world with his family.”

There’s no pitch going on with that photo. But it does paint a story in the reader’s mind and can spark a conversation with other people to engage with you about Mr. X.

Make sure to also be in regular contact with the people in your network on these sites at the bare minimum once a year.

That would be their birthday.

Be sure to wish every person a Happy Birthday.

You need to be visible to everyone that’s in your network.

Something as simple as a birthday greeting will put you back in their radar if you’ve been forgotten.


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