Friday, March 3, 2017

Choosing a Concept

Choosing a Concept, the basic idea of what your Story is about, for your Feature Film is the single-most important decision that you can make regarding your Screenplay.

Many select the first and perhaps only idea that happens to come into their mind without realizing what they are committing to.

This is the biggest mistake of not only rookie Writers, but of those who fail to complete Scripts time and time again and usually end up giving up altogether.

This is why it is so important to spend the necessary time to select not only a marketable Concept but material that you really connect with.

It will take time after you have trained your mind to think like a Writer, and it means paying attention to every passing thought to see if you may have a noteworthy idea for a Movie.

Speaking of “noteworthy,” it is important to a Writer to have constant access to a note-taking system.

It used to be the trusted pad of paper and pen in the pocket, but nowadays a more reasonable solution tends to be a phone app, preferably one that is tied in with a computer backup or cloud functionality, because it is almost always within reach when needed.

I suggest both a written/typed system and a voice-recording setup to take advantage of times when it’s easier to access one or the other.

At a loud concert I’m more apt to use the typed version, and if I’m out and about I may resort to the voice recorder.

Trust me, it’s important to have both if you want to grab that idea immediately and hold on to it before it may be lost forever.

From there it is best to compile one document with all possible Script/Movie ideas.

This way you can really see what you are working with when it comes to potential ideas, and choose the best project for you right now.

It may be that a certain Genre appeals to you, such as the same one in which you wrote your Short Film Script, or perhaps not.

It may be that the idea dictates what type of Movie it will be.

Whatever the case, it’s important to identify a Concept that really stands out. 


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