Thursday, March 2, 2017

Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

If you are regular Facebook user, you are probably familiar with the features of a personal account, but know very little about the amazing marketing features that Facebook has to offer.

Unlike an in individual Facebook profile that requires other users to “friend” you and you to decline or accept friend requests, a Facebook page requires individual users and other pages to “like” it.

 This allows them to follow and interact with the page but keep their information private.

Unlike friend connections, Facebook pages’ connections are one-way.

Once you have created a Facebook page, you can grant people access to edit the page, post updates, or like the page.

You can also track the page’s activity to see which posts generate a buzz and which ones do not in the Insights section.

The page offers several tools that the page owner can use to build an audience, create simple ads, and interact with your fans.


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