Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dear, Business leader

As a business leader, you have the responsibility of upholding your business’ brand to the highest standards.

You have to be strategic and creative when adopting new tactics to grow your audience.

Social media is a golden opportunity that is almost a given in today’s digital society.

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Before you go off to begin building your audience and posting to social media, remember to begin with your goal in mind.

Let’s quickly recap goals and ways to engage on each platform.

As a Facebook user, you engage your target audience in order to increase traffic to the website and generate leads.

You engage on Facebook by asking questions to open up discussions, sharing photos, sharing relevant articles and connecting with stakeholders.

On Twitter, you interact with your target audience in order to acquire new customers.

You can engage your followers by leveraging hashtags, resharing content of collaborators and sharing interesting photos and relevant articles.

Instagram is where you can promote and share company culture to help generate leads.

You engage consumers by sharing interesting and visually appealing content.

Snapchat is where you tell your business’ story in order to engage better with consumers.

You can tell the story with behind-the-scenes content, events and mobile-only offers.

LinkedIn is good if you decide to look for employers for yourself or employees for your brand.

You update your resume, you look for experience and exist as a professional in the virtual world.

Pinterest is the place where you save or share pins you like.

The place to offer your brand particularly if it attracts customers through visual stimulation, like home design items or clothes.

Flickr is the social network for photographers, both professional and amateur.

They can engage and learn, present their skills and talents to the world, and possibly get noticed or hired.

You want to understand how your brand is growing and who you are reaching on each social network you’re investing time.

By studying the results of your efforts, you can see what’s working and what isn’t and modify behaviors based on what you find.

While Join Indie Funda provides you with some metrics to monitor, there are other websites and guides available that will provide you with even more information for gathering and understanding social media analytics.

Educate yourself continually on everything you do, be the one who is thirsty for knowledge, be the one who is innovative and groundbreaking, be the brand for yourself. Achieve that through smart work, not hard work.

You have so many possibilities and options at hand.

Find your target audience, reach your goals, be better with every single day, don’t neglect what you have created and certainly don’t let it get out of control.

Show your ideas to the world and change the world if you have to.

This is an opportunity - you just have to seize it!

A very important part of raising brand awareness through social media channels is certainly interaction with the customers.

Whether you own a small upcoming brand or a huge brand that is already well known, interaction with the customers will only make your brand seem even more serious and customer oriented.

What is more, people today seem to love hype and some pretty crazy stuff so it is no longer enough to create content that is just relevant.

The big brands are using hype content to make their social posts relevant and viral, and you should be doing the same.

While many of us may not love hype, it is what sells today, and when it comes to marketing, we need to give the customers what they want, not what we think is best.

 We are in a digital age.

The prominence of social media branding will continue to grow and become increasingly important in the coming years. You have already taken steps to be ahead of the curve and put your business on a path to branding success!


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