Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Gaining Followers

An important principle in social media marketing is that you must find the right people to follow and connect with.

You may have 15,000 followers, but if they are not interested in your blog post or topic, this virtually means nothing.

Therefore, it is important to connect with influencers, although there is really no harm in having more followers.


Connecting with influencers will make you more visible in your selected niche.

You can use the Twitter search function to look for influencers.

You can type in, for example, #MLM and then search for people.

When looking for persons to connect with, choose the ones with professional-looking profile photos and respectable names; having these in their profile means that they are serious about their business.

You should also read through their profile and find out if it would be a good idea to link up with them.

Then you can send them a private message that indicates your interest in following them.

If they respond and follow you that means you have found the right person.

These followers of yours could provide you with information about MLM which you can share to update your feed.

At the same time, they can connect you with other individuals interested in MLM.

One way you can leverage the followers on influencers is to cross-promote to each other’s followers.

This strategy will take time because you’ll need to have a lot of followers also for this to work.

If you have 5,000 followers you can find some influencers that have roughly 5,000 followers also.

Message the influencer saying you’ll love to tweet your 5,000 followers a link of some of their work (article, video, blog etc).

In return you can give them a link to an article you wrote and ask them to send that link out to his or her followers.

This really helps you become an authority figure online when someone else is endorsing you.  

You can also use Twitter Chat as a way to connect with more people to eventually gain followers.

There are many different chat rooms on Twitter covering a wide range of niches.

 Find a chat room that’s related to MLM or your product and you can start conversations with others in the group.

Be careful not to spam these people in the chat room or you’ll surely get kicked out of the group.


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