Sunday, March 12, 2017

General Twitter Marketing Tips


Hashtags (#Keyword) are

the backbone of Twitter and are designed to make your posts searchable. Use a relevant hashtag with every tweet and pay attention to trending hashtags to use when appropriate.

Never use more than two hashtags in a single tweet.


Retweets are other people’s tweets that you share with your followers.

When you retweet a post, it is posted to your Twitter feed but it will show on your followers’ feeds with the original tweeter’s profile picture.

Because the posts you retweet will appear on your profile, make sure that you only retweet relevant and appropriate content that you would tweet as your own.


When you reply to tweets, they show up in a thread as comments when someone clicks the tweet. This is a great way to engage and to be discovered.

Direct Messages

Direct messaging is a way to interact privately with a Twitter user.

Use this feature when you want to engage with a user privately; for instance, to ask a specific question or respond to a customer complaint.

Do not use DMs to send automated messages—not even innocuous messages such as “Thank you for following,” as it can be construed as spam.

Effective social media marketing on Twitter takes a lot of work and commitment.

 However, when you get used to the routine of interaction and sharing, typically several times a day, it becomes a breeze.

It is important that you put in valuable time in discovering where your target audience is, what is trending, and what potential customers are sharing to get in on the conversation rather than using old-fashioned marketing techniques to try get attention.


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