Thursday, March 2, 2017


Google+ focuses on joining and creating communities, wherein you can share links, blog posts, and other content promoting your business, as well as allowing you to view and discuss the content shared by others.

Like with most social media platforms, it is very important to engage with and communicate with your future customers.

Throwing a bunch of links promoting your business at them will feel too impersonal.

 But once you gain their trust, it can make for a comfortable place in which to interact with customers and share business links, promotions, and thoughtful or interesting posts.

Naturally, depending on the nature of the community or communities you start or join, you will want to customize your posts and contributions to suit your audience. You would do well to join a number of communities to maximize your success with Google+.

After all, even within your target market, you will encounter diverse people with varying interests- learning what they are likely to enjoy and become a contributing member of those communities will enable you to gain the most conversions.

You can reuse the same link in each community, provided it is fitting, but make sure you customize your comments to the community so that your links and content make sense and are appropriately personalized.

Google+ really shines with it comes to SEO. Getting comments, shares, and plus ones on your contributions on Google+ works wonders when it comes to getting your website ranked highly in search engines, not least among them Google itself.

Due to the obvious affiliation of Google and Google+, Google creates a back-link to articles, websites, and other content you contribute to, generating additional SEO hits for your company.

Over time, you can even gain an Authority rank, which comes from having a large community circle with lots of activity, both yours and others in reference to you.

In essence, it enables you to gain a higher ranking due to having a superior online reputation, and in doing so grants you an increased rating when determining who ranks highest in search engine optimization results.

This is not an easy rank to come by, of course, but investing time into Google+ to accomplish it can reap significant results for your business.

Another important thing to note about Google+ is that through Google Hangouts, it is linked to Youtube, enabling you to pair perfectly using Google+ and Youtube seamlessly.

This increases your search engine results across both platforms, particularly if you are ever inclined to include some live video streams, which have a number of benefits.

They rank higher in search engine optimization results than traditional methods of filming the video prior to posting.

They also truly demonstrate your charisma and competence to your customers, as well as increase their trust and respect for you since it is much, much harder to fake or hide things while live screening a video.

Be warned that Google will track your activity.

This can be a blessing or a curse depending on what you make of it, but if you use it will, it can be a fantastic platform to select due to it's Youtube collaboration and it's propensity to rank you highly in search engine optimization results.


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