Thursday, March 2, 2017

#Improve conversion rate

If you have ever marketed anything, you can be certain that converting first time website visitors into paying customers is not easy and takes time.

Actually, if your industry is highly competitive, such visitors are likely to be checking out multiple sites before they can even make a purchase.

The truth is that they will compare several sites before they can make the purchase so if they leave your site, some will probably have a problem finding your site in future even if they are interested.

As such, you risk losing sales if such people don’t finally find their way back.

Others could probably have converted had they gotten some motivation from your end.

Remarketing comes in handy in such circumstances because when such visitors see your ad especially if it features some more info that they probably didn’t know, they are likely to convert to paying customers.

With remarketing technique, you can even opt to exclude those who have already made a sale through creating a custom remarketing segment for those who have already visited your thank-you page; in this case, you can prevent them from seeing that campaign.


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