Wednesday, March 1, 2017


A social media site specifically created for business communities, LinkedIn’s goal is to give its registered members the opportunities to build and establish documented professional networks of people that they know and trust.

A typical profile page of LinkedIn’s members prioritize or highlight working experience or history and education – 2 of the most important criterion by which people are evaluated in the business world for business partnerships or employment.

 The profile page also features a professional network news feed with several modules that can be customized.

Basically, membership is free, and members are referred to as “connections”. Another basic difference between LinkedIn and social networking platforms like Facebook – aside from its business theme – is that LinkedIn requires that you have a pre-existing relationship with a prospective connection first before being connected.

Many aspects of LinkedIn, including that one, are designed with a more professional, business oriented mindset than most other social networking sites, including Facebook, can boast, though of course that leads to less of the light-hearted social interactions that Facebook is full of.

LinkedIn can be a valuable resource for connecting you with other business or with business professionals, and can be an ideal platform for targeting anyone within that demographic.


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