Thursday, March 2, 2017

Make use of Facebook Pages to watch

Your biggest strength here is the fact that very few businesses are using this feature and the fact that the competitor can never know that you are spying.

Instead, they get a message that someone has placed them on the watch list (without specifying who).

So, how do you start using this feature? -When you login to your Facebook page, navigate to the overview section located on the Facebook insights tab then scroll down to add page then select this option (although there is an option for you, you can simply search a specific page to add).

-You can then add all the pages that you would want to watch (you have up to 100 pages to add).

Ensure that you add a few pages from industry leaders within your niche just to make sure that you are getting insights on what works for them and what doesn’t.

You could also know which kinds of posts are popular.

To check out how a page you are watching is performing, you simply need to click on the page’s name to get all the data.

-Go to the section for posts (in the insights page) and then click the option for top posts from all pages that you are following (you will get 5 popular posts from all the pages in your watch list).

You can get more info about the posts by clicking on each post just to know the type of engagement in each post (likes, shares, comments etc).


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