Thursday, March 2, 2017


In addition to the many resources and strategies proposed in previous post's there are other forms of social media marketing and advertising that you might consider trying when growing your business.

We'll take the time to disdiscuss a few of these options in this post.

We will begin our discussion with Yelp. Yelp allows businesses to create profiles for themselves, which they can display and share to the community.

These commonly include location, products and services offered, pictures or other images, and methods of contacting them. Additionally, a company can link it's website from it's Yelp profile, enabling customers to easily click the link and generating more traffic on your website.

The goal of Yelp is primarily for customers to review and rate your business on a scale going from one through five.

They can praise or criticize features they did or did not like publicly as part of their review.

Additionally, companies being reviewed as well as other individuals can respond to their reviews in order to enable the two-way communication so essential of social media.

If you gain positive reviews on Yelp, it will surely raise the reputation of your business and increase your customer base and sales, so it is worth taking a bit of time to set up a representative and professional profile for your company there.

An additional social media platform that has existed for quite a long time now is simply blogging.

While they no longer enjoy the same popularity as they once did, considering the wide availability and subsequent popularity of newer and fresher social media options these days, they can still be a useful tool to take advantage of.

Blogs allow you the opportunity to express more via writing about your business or products.

You can easily have a blog as part of your website that you can update with any new and exciting products or services you offer as well as other interesting business developments.

You can use your other social media accounts to link to your blog when it is fitting, and it can be a fun place to do promotions such as giveaways.

Additionally, you can follow and comment on the blogs of others, and in some cases people might review your products and/or services on their own personal blogs.

If their reviews are positive, it can certainly increase your prestige and your customer base, as anyone following their blog will suddenly view you in a favorable light.

Finally, you should consider the option of social commerce, which is closely linked to many other social media platforms and in many cases, can be utilized simultaneously.

It usually involves aiding customers in getting advice on what they might like, and then instructions on how to find and purchase the items and services they require or desire.

Like most other forms of social media, it requires trust and communication.

Parts of social commerce include user reviews and ratings, as is featured on Yelp, as well as recommendations, apps, and shopping communities that discuss this interest and share likes and favorites with one another.

Tools such as quizzes or polls that direct consumers to products that they might like are frequent components in the social commerce world, as are applications that allow your customers to share their shopping experiences with their entire social network at the press of a button.

Social commerce is, primarily, about building and cultivating a reputation.

Having unusual or limited edition items and specialized shopping services will make potential customers want to seize the opportunity to make a purchase while they still can- and then they will share it with others, effectively advertising for your company.

In doing so more traffic is brought in and the cycle continues.

Extremely pop popular sites that utilize social commerce fully include, but are not limited to, Etsy, Groupon, Cafepress, and even Pinterest.

Notably, social commerce is an ever increasing market, and there are some experts who predict that 2017 will be a very successful year for social commerce, so now might be the right time to get your business involved in it.


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