Thursday, March 2, 2017


Pinterest, like Instagram, specializes in pictures and images.

As such, in order to use it successfully, you must master creatively putting your products and services into image form in a manner that catches the eye and entices your potential customers.

Pinterest enables users to pin images that appeal to them to their Pinterest page.

Each pin includes a link to an external site, such as that of your business.

Pinterest works similarly to a search engine, where users can search for keywords or phrases to find applicable images that suit their fancy.

You might wonder whether you should choose Pinterest or Instagram considering the similarities.

Pinterest can work very well at boosting your SEO sources and has such should be considered as an alternative or addition to Instagram.

It will also depend on, of course, on the demographic you are looking to target.

Both platforms boast high numbers of women, but Instagram features more teenagers while Pinterest usually markets itself to those with crafty or other creative interests and pursuits.

Those using Instagram usually are seeking personal experiences and unusual pictures, whereas on Pinterest individuals are seeking tips, tutorials, and inspiration, primarily.

You can certainly utilize both resources, but tailor your content accordingly, or select the one that suits your product.

Pinterest enables you to create beautiful and spectacular themed boards, which are collections of pictures that can tell a story or pull at the heartstrings if assembled and ordered carefully.

You can utilize this feature to represent a product or a promotion and to encourage people to pin images from your Pinterest board, raising further awareness of your business.

You can pin images, articles, tips- anything informative, thought-provoking, helpful, or otherwise compelling will do, though be sure to select something that compliments the goals of your business as well as inspiring your customers.

As always, use hashtags appropriately in order to generate greater interest in your company's social media accounts.

Pinterest also enables you to gain the support and recognition of your customers and future customers as well as that of other businesses that you might want to work with by way of pinning content they post.

Doing so links back to their page, and they might, in turn, support you as well, which can generate a substantial amount of increased traffic to your website.

If you put together creative, useful, and visually appealing Pinterest boards, it can be a great resource in getting more visits to your site, which can be particularly useful if you are just starting out and still trying to generate awareness.

Instagram falls somewhat short here as very little will be linked back to your other sites and that can make it more challenging if you are still in the early stages of conjuring up customers at all.

Be warned, though- Pinterest will not show those interested in your pins everything you post.

The platform recommends content for its users based on their interests, which it generates from things they've viewed and pinned over a period of time.

As such, if your own contributions are not entirely consistent some of what you share might never be viewed by your prospective customers at all.

If you are still unsure between Pinterest and Instagram, considering using LinkedIn to scrutinize the choices of your competitors.

If they all seem to favor one over the other, it may very well suit your products and services better.

That said, a pioneering attitude is not without it's merits and if you embrace the less popular choice you might find an opportunity to shine.

With about 70 million users and unique opportunities to share curated content and generate vastly increased views of your other sites, Pinterest is a social media platform well worth considering, particularly if you are targeting young adult women as part of your intended demographic.


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