Friday, March 3, 2017

Set Up Your Page

Once your page has been created, take some time to customize it, applying the same branding that your website uses, if you have one.

You can do this by: Uploading an eye-catching cover photo that will appear on top of the Facebook page.

Using your business’s logo as the page’s profile picture.

Note that the profile picture is the image that will be attached to all the page’s posts.

 Providing detailed information about the business in the about section of the page.

This can include a brief history of the business, its mission or description, location and contact information including a phone number, and a link to your business’s official website.

Remember to make use of photographs that you have taken yourself.

That will make you look genuine.

For example, if you are a bakery owner, you must neatly arrange all your products and showcase them on your page.

You can add in a few fun elements and make it interesting.

You must also provide the user with in-depth insight into what you have on offer for them at the bakery.

It will pay to mention all the ingredients that you use and where you acquire them. All these small details will help them connect with you and transparency will pay off well.

You must also clearly mention your address so that people know where to reach you. Check all these small points before going live with your page to eliminate discrepancies.

Maintain a separate telephone for your business and advertise it so that people can reach you directly.

At this stage, your Facebook page will be functional and you can start using it right away.

However, you can enhance it further by adding Facebook ads that boost the page’s performance and even appearance.


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