Friday, March 3, 2017

Share Your Expertise

People go to experts for their needs.

And if you are an authority on your niche, your ideas should b found all over the web and presented professionally.

The information you convey to your audience should be very helpful.

Remarkably, when you extend your expertise for free, more people come to your door willing to pay for your service.

Below are some ways you can extend further to the web.


A blog is short for weblog, a site that allows page visitors to make comments at the end of the posts.

This information exchange feature is basically its difference from static websites.

Two of the most popular blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress.

Both are widely used because of and connect it to your blogger account to get rid of the “.BlogSpot” extension.

Hosting stays free and you continue enjoying your free blogger template.  A word of warning, “Google reserves the right to remove your blog without notification if you violate its policies”.

WordPress is also a blogging platform that offers both free and paid themes for your blog.

You need to buy your domain name and pay for a hosting service like to go live.

The advantage however is that you will have full control of your blog while you enjoy thousands of themes and plugins. You also can modify the theme if you are a coder.

You would not be too wary of Google shutting your blog for not complying with a rule.

In fact, many businesses are migrating and using WordPress because of these advantages.

There are other content management systems, both free and paid, but none works smarter than these two.

Write highly informative articles on your niche for article aggregators and hubs.

A high quality article provides substantial information to readers.

Something that makes you think it should be on your own website or blog.

However, submit only to trustworthy sites or you are creating a bad neighbourhood for your website instead of gaining links.

E-zine as well as HubPages were once regarded as trustworthy sites, but went to a slump after Google ruled out that the publications on their sites were done by webmasters mostly for gaining links.

This happened after the release of Google Panda.

So would you care to submit to them?

Yes, if you think they have fully complied with Google.

Forums may have threads dedicated for online network marketing like

Such is a great place to find likeminded people who may be interested to become your representative. Visit their site, make friends, and introduce your product. 


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