Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#Should you pay for ads yet?

Well, much as it might be tempting to boost your posts through paying for ads on Facebook, don’t just jump right into it.

Instead, you should ensure that you have enough content to keep any lead you generate through paying busy and interested in what you have to offer.

You might think that doing just that will guarantee that you will get the maximum exposure needed for you to have a strong social media brand.

This is not the case. You need more than that to succeed; after all, so many others do just that but end up giving up because they don’t attain their goals.

Do you know why?

The reason for all this is pretty simple; they don’t get to attract their target audience.

Just as in the search engines where SEO is critical for success, you need to use some strategies to succeed in attracting the audience you want.

So, how do you attract more likes to your page?

 1.     Share a link to your Facebook page on the groups that you join-some members of these groups could probably like your page in the process.

2.     Add a like us button on your website and share it constantly in your social circles.

3.     Invite your business contacts to visit and like your page.

4.     Ensure that you have a clear and fresh call to action on your landing page-don’t be afraid to ask people to like your Facebook page!

You should even set up a landing tab: Before announcing your page publicly, you should probably set this one up; this gives you control to get people to respond to your call to action.

Although like gating is not allowed

(Facebook stopped this in November 2014), you can use this landing page to increase conversions as opposed to having new people landing on your wall.

You just need to set up an effective call to action that will prompt a new visitor to like your page.

Even if you don’t set up any application, you can pin a post, which has the call to action

5.     Use high quality and fascinating images and content to attract people to share your content and even prompt more likes.

Actually, you will realize that the more visual you are in your content, the greater the number of likes.

Don’t be afraid to post video tutorials or share relevant videos on your page to help your audience in various ways.

You can also think of sharing photos of people enjoying your services just to give your business a sense of humanity.

6.     Always strive to towards telling people what they would want to know about the business or industry; do your research.

This means having some information relating to the stuff that happens behind the scenes.

7.     Ensure that your email signature has a link to your Facebook fan page.

8.     Tag the fan page so that it can appear on your friends news feed.

Use the tag @fanpage or #fanpage when referring to your Facebook page.

This comes in handy when you have a personal account that already has your friends on it.

You could also ask your friends, employees and other groups admins for help on that.

9.     Master how to target fans based on their interests, demographics and location.

 10. Leverage the existing traffic on your website for greater likes and social media publicity.

Place the social media icons near the homepage to maximize click through rate (CTR).

11. Set a specific time when you post and maintain consistency in posting.

12. Use Facebook groups for greater engagement-You can create open, closed or secret groups depending on the nanature of discussions that go in this page.

We will talk about the power of Facebook groups shortly just to help you realize how much you stand to gain.

13. When everything fails, use paid advertising on Facebook to reach out to your target audience.

Well, using paid advertising doesn’t mean that you have not had success in what you are doing.

This can fast track the entire process thus ensuring that you get more likes within a shorter period without much struggle. We will discuss this a little further in future post's. 


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