Thursday, March 2, 2017


Because this is all about building networks, what you’re actually marketing on LinkedIn is yourself as an entrepreneur or business professional.

Obviously, the more you market yourself professionally, the more business contacts you gain, which is only beneficial for your businesses in general.

So how do you market yourself well in LinkedIn?

One way is to build up your profile of course!

Since you’re selling yourself, make yourself look good on it.

LinkedIn isn't just about being sociable and engaging- major aspects of most other social networking sites.

Here you can sell yourself, and your business, so don't be too shy or modest about your strengths.

You can build your profile up in LinkedIn using the following features, among others: -Status Updates:  Short statements about you that you think your connections will find most interesting or useful.

Here, you can include content-related links to other sites, including your business’ own, as well as links to other relevant sites and your other social media accounts.

Posting actionable and useful status updates regularly can make you look more active on LinkedIn.

Activity will show motivation and work ethic and will go a long ways towards showing prospective connections how dedicated and professional you can be. -Blog Posts:

This site lets you effortlessly syndicate your profile with your blog posts and vice versa.

  What this means is you can allow your LinkedIn profile to update automatically with your blogs on your business’ website by providing a link and abstract of such blogs.

-Presentations:  You can also post slide presentations such as those of Google Docs, PowerPoint or SlideShare to your LinkedIn profile.

 -Events:  You can post events on your LinkedIn profile to promote events that you’re either promoting, managing or conducting.

-Tweets:  You can also connect your Twitter tweets to your LinkedIn status updates to better keep your connections and followers updated on your latest happenings.

You can also brand your LinkedIn address by customizing it.

Much like a personal website, a branded LinkedIn address can help boost your professional image.

Choose wisely- the address you select will represent your company.

You'll want to appear professional and also select something well suited to what your business sells, offers, or represents.

Lastly, you can use LinkedIn’s Community Features to collaborate and communicate with other LinkedIn users.

These include Groups, Answers, and Company Pages.

Groups keep you informed and in touch with other LinkedIn users of the same interests and passion.

You can either join an existing one already or create your own!

The best way to expand your social (and business) circles is to add great value to discussions when you participate.

Keep in mind, you are still communicating as a business and the persona you created for that.

In discussions, you will, of course, want to appear personable and friendly- but on a platform like LinkedIn, there is room for greater formality and professionalism than you might present on alternative networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

Answers is an excellent way to connect with similar-minded colleagues as well as share your expertise with others, promoting your profile – and business – indirectly.

You can connect by asking pressing and intelligent questions and let other experts chip in their $100’s worth of advice and in the process, connect with them.

You can also toot your own horn (not too obvious, though) by answering questions as an expert too.

Both methods are a valuable way to form additional connections and to show off your intellect and thoughtfulness, provided you do so in a humble, honest way.

Both asking and answering eloquently worded and reasonable questions can earn you the respect of other businesses and individuals you will encounter on LinkedIn.

Lastly, you can use LinkedIn’s Company Pages to look for business partner companies as well as spy on competing ones.

This can help you determine the most effective marketing strategies to use, as it allows you to consider markets your competitors have not yet tapped. It also enables you to take inspiration from their current or previous campaigns, modifying them to make them your own, of course, or explore new territories that they are lacking in.

Further, you can set up a page for your own business where you can show your expertise in your industry or niche and indirectly promote your company or business.

Here, you can publish key information about your business such as website address, business address, and company or business description.

Be sure to be thorough and accurate in your descriptions. 


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