Friday, March 3, 2017

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Post on Classified Ads Listings Craigslist, Amazon, Alibaba, EBay are among the top classified ads that you can promote on.

These sites are visited by millions of customers daily in their search for the best deal out there.

Some classified ads listings have a specific category just for network marketing which you can explore for interinterested members.

Post your business offers so others may join your downline and also post your product or service to get more customers.

It’s important not to forget about promoting for more customers also in your online marketing efforts.

Always remember that these customers can also become your representatives in the future when they find out how great your company’s product or service is.

You always want to get as many leads as possible for both the business and product or service.

To save on time, post the same ads on every classifieds you find. provides a huge list of these ad services.

A sort of sneaky way to generate a lot of leads on Craigslist is to put job postings for your opportunity.

You can post job postings for sales positions, management positions, and business opportunities.

In order to stay within the guidelines you will need to make sure in your ad that it mentions your posting is paid based on performance.

That way you’re not sending any false pretenses and at the same time getting quality prospects to contact.

In your ads, make sure to point them to a single setting where you can attend to their queries.

This would of course be your new, professional looking WordPress website that you created.

Links in classified ads are nofollow so you should not be worried about spamming.

Then again, your audience needs information rendered to them professionally.

Classifieds are another great source of traffic to your network marketing website but does not have much weight for SEO.

Take Advantage of Universal Search Results In order to widen your audience, you should be found in every possible internet medium that is out there.

Google’s latest search innovation displays results not only on web text content but in images, videos, maps and business listings.

Have your site listed on Yahoo! Local, Bing Local Listing Center, Google Places for Business, etc.

Promote your videos through YouTube and Vimeo, audios on iTunes, images on Picasa and Flickr, and your presentations at

There are internet users who are not used to textbook learning and they prefer looking for information on videos.

Always be creative in meeting the individual preferences of your target visitors so you can reach as many people as possible.

Video Marketing

Video is very effective because few people are willing to put their face out there to promote themselves.

If you’re willing to get in the public eye more than your competitors you’ll build a larger organization faster.

People like to know who they’re dealing with and video is able to connect you with the prospect.

YouTube is a great way to promote your business as it also will help you with your SEO.

When making these videos it’s important not to make any blatant sales pitches to get people into your business. These videos are meant to educate people so they’ll click on your link and give their email address.

Publish Press Releases and News Relevant to Your Niche You should publish relevant events in your industry to PR sites so you can increase your visibility.

Referral traffic from news releases may be temporary but it adds SEO value to your website. In your area, there can be something of interest to your service that is worthy of a press release.

By writing the press release yourself and publishing it you’ll gain instant credibility as a leader in the field. Also make sure you post a link to your website on your bio in the press release.


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