Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Facebook Impact

Now you have created the page and have implemented the strategies for increasing likes that I mentioned in previous post's.

What should you expect after that?

How do you stand to gain from your marketing efforts?

1.     When you frequently post offers of your products in the Facebook page, it will make more visitors and more hits to your page.

This will drastically increase your web traffic.

2.     When you engage your fans on your Facebook page, they will have better experience, which means that they will probably respond positively about your business.

This in turn attracts more likes/fans since people want to associate with good businesses that give customers excellent experiences.

The more positive comments and reviews you get, the more business will come your way.

Once you start receiving positive reviews from the customers through email, you can publish such reviews in your Facebook page in order to attract many more customers, which will generate more leads for you.

3.     When you do post sales or post service follow-up, it will increase the number of repeat customers; you will also get referrals through word of mouth.

Every business that is on Facebook and is serious about its social media activities can probably pay for likes, and figure out ways of getting people to like its page.

However, some businesses are simply exceptional in the way they do their stuff; they don’t just do the minimum!

Since each business has its unique strengths as far as social media is concerned, you would probably want to spy on your competition just to be aware of what is happening.


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