Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Metrics to Analyze Success

You have been asked to identify a metric that will help you measure your success.

 You have also been told that the metric needs to be quantifiable.

But what sort of metrics can you use?

In order to ensure that the changes you make to your strategies have a good impact, you have to monitor a lot of aspects.

For this, it is best if you install or use analytics software.

You will need to define a set of metrics that can be measured by the analytics software too!

This post covers a few of the metrics that you can use to make sure that your website is working fine.

The Grade of Your Website

This is the best metric of all!

This tells you how well you have optimized your website.

You can do this using an online tool called the Website Grader, which gives you monthly updates on how well you are doing with respect to the grading of your website.


The traffic is a measure of the number of people who are visiting your website regularly.

This is a good metric to keep track of since you will know the effect that the changes you make to your website have on your potential consumers.


This is an extremely important measure for any business owner.

When you are working on strategies for your company, you always want to ensure that the viewers become potential customers, and in turn lead other customers to you.

You have to keep track of how many people make the effort to proceed to the landing page to avail themselves of your offers.


How many sales have you made this month?

People have visited your website.

But how many of those people have taken you up on your offers or the products and services that you sell?

This number is of great importance.

The Cost of Acquiring New Customers

You have to make new changes to your website, or you may have to take the extra effort to approach new customers.

There is a cost that you will incur when you do this.

You have to keep track of those costs as well! How Many New Visitors?

You may have a good amount of traffic.

But how many people return to your website?

How many of the people coming to your website are new customers?

It is good to have visitors coming back.

But it is also important to attract new customers.

This means that there are people who have been looking out for your website.

If you have people who are returning to your website, you need to feel good about that, too.

This means that you have a website that has something to return to.

You have to try to find a balance between the two.

You will now be able to use social media to help you market your products and services!

It will take time for you to get the hang of it, but do not fret.

You will be able to ensure that your company has a good brand image in no time.


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