Wednesday, March 1, 2017


No amount of consistency in terms of posting high-quality and interesting videos on YouTube will ever make up for lack of visibility.

After all, what good are videos – however excellent the content – if viewers can’t find them?

While this is more about search engine optimization (SEO), which is a very complicated topic to discuss here, you can do the following to improve your videos’ visibility and allow more people to view it.

One is carefully written titles.

Make sure that your videos’ titles include targeted keywords in the first few ones and that they’re followed by a colon (:) for optimal visibility.

An example of this is a video on how to self-publish your first e-book with a video title “Self-Publishing Success:  A Beginner’s Guide”.  Next are your videos’ descriptions, which you’ll need to begin with a full URL.  You’ll also need to provide as many details about the video as possible without giving away its main attractions or points so that people will still want to watch it.

In other words, enough details without spoilers.


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