Friday, March 3, 2017

What to Tweet/Retweet

Just because you are microblogging, you shouldn’t think that content does not matter.

The content on your Twitter feed should be relevant to what you are on Twitter to achieve.

Every tweet should meet at least one of these criteria:

1.    Must provide useful information; e.g., an announcement, a tip, or a link to your blog posts.

2.    Links to your website, blog, or other social media pages such as Facebook.

About half your links should lead the reader to content you create or to your website.

The other half should take them to relevant and informative publications such as news pieces, articles, commentary, reviews, or other interesting information.

3.    Special offers such as price cut discounts and rewarding contests.

While you should not offer your Twitter followers promo overload, you should use the platform to spread word on any special offers and promotions on offer.

4.    When you announce any special events or send invitations on Facebook, be sure to tweet about them too to achieve maximum exposure.

5.    Fun tweets are acceptable as well.

Now and then, tweet a funny joke or meme to spread a laugh and hopefully make someone’s day.

However, the content of the joke must be appropriate and entertaining.

Post something that your followers might want to retweet.

6.    Inspirational tweets, like laugh tweets, are not mandatory but they can go a long way in promoting sharing on social media.

As always, just be sure that it is relevant and appropriate but not too generic.


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