Thursday, March 2, 2017

#With remarketing, you can capitalize on social proof

As you go on with your marketing efforts, try not to be too limited by the fact that you are only targeting ‘qualified’ customers.

You can show your ads to a wider audience such as those who already bought products or services from you just to ensure that you let the two groups of people interact.

You will be amazed by the fact that happy customers will be highly willing to post something encouraging that will make those on the fence want to buy from you.

Actually, when someone sees that others have already purchased your product or service, they are likely to feel more comfortable buying from you, which means that they are likely to convert to paying customers.

By doing this, you are also enhancing your brand loyloyalty; you want more loyal customers than just new customers because loyal customers will buy from you with little or no marketing effort i.e. near zero cost of acquisition.

One interesting thing about loyalty is that if you extend your audience to start including your current customers, it is a lot easier to upsell while ensuring that you are more social and more engaging.

This is mainly because when any customer sees you on any social media platform, they will probably engage you resulting to more conversions.

With that, you will have a larger audience so that you can start attaining your goals. 


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