Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Google owns this website that allows its users to upload, share, comment and watch videos.

It’s search engine is probably the 2nd biggest in the world next to its parent company and by far, the biggest video sharing website on the planet.

As such, it’s the best social media platform to use videos in promoting your products and services.

But with so many videos uploaded and continue being uploaded on YouTube – about 72 hours’ worth of video every minute being uploaded on the site – how can you effectively reach your target audiences?

The first thing you’ll need to do is create your own “channel” on YouTube, which should neither be too difficult nor complicated.

After you’ve done it comes the most challenging part, producing very compelling videos for upload.

So what makes for compelling videos?

 First, consider the content, which should engage your target customers within 15 seconds or less.

Otherwise, your viewers will be bored and won’t bother watching your videos long enough to appreciate it.

This is because of the information overload they’re all subject to each and every day.

To really engage them within the first 15 seconds, use introductions that are animated and quick to both spark their curiosity and win their trust.

This helps them expect something great from watching the video further.

Another important quality your videos need to have are calls to action – and this is key for any social media campaign to succeed.

You can place the call to action at any point on the video, depending of course on its message.

Just ensure you don’t overdo your calls to action because for one, having too many such calls may confuse the viewers and as such, just keep your calls minimal and easy to understand and respond to.

Some of the common and sensible calls of action to include in your videos are subscribing to your YouTube channel, commenting on your videos, liking-adding-sharing your videos and visiting your brand’s official website and/or other social media platforms, among others.

And more than just compelling, you should also post videos on YouTube regularly to increase your presence in YouTube and consequently, increase the number of your subscribers.

One way to ensure regularity is to create shorter videos of a particular long-form content, i.e., divide one long topic or video into series of shorter videos.

Instead of producing a “movie”, create shorter episodes that are not only easier to watch and understand but also spark more curiosity and interest.

It can help if you release each new segment on a designated day and time, and remain consistent.

Once you get people hooked on your channel, they'll be eagerly looking forward to watching your new video each time a new one is posted, and if you let them know when that will be, they'll incorporate your channel into part of their daily routine.

Be careful to avoid sporadic or infrequent updates, though, or your followers are likely to grow bored and no longer anticipate further content, leading to less loyalty and fewer customers.

Be consistent, and make it entertaining, and your current clients will recommend your videos to their friends, likely via social media itself.


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