Crowdfunding offers some very clear advantages for any indie computer game developer.

  • Many people peruse crowdfunding websites looking for projects, so you are putting your name in front of a new group of people.  Plus, putting up a campaign is completely free.
Building a fan base  
  • This is the killer.  Once you complete a successful crowdfunding campaign, you will have a group of backers who are financially tied to you and your success.
Enhancing your fan base  
  • If you run a great campaign your backers will also be emotionally tied to your project. They will want you to succeed so much that something magical happens. Your backers become your advertising. They will retweet your tweets, share your facebook posts, they will shout your name from the rooftops, and their friends will learn about you and hopefully their friends…and you get the idea.
  • Obviously programming a game, hiring designers/authors/publicists, and paying for coffee are not free. A successful campaign is prepared to cover these costs and more.
  • So a couple of hundred people have pledged for your game which you haven't even finished yet.  Scared?  You should be.  Nothing focuses you like knowing people's money is riding on your success.


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